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8 Tips from the Pros on How to Set Up and Manage a Bookie Software System

Bookie Software System– Have you tried running your own bookie business only to find it hasn’t quite gone as you’d hoped? Does it seem like other bookies are getting customers that you can’t? That’s entirely possible. The truth is that sports betting is, by its nature, competitive. When it comes to coming out on top, all bets are on the table (figuratively and literally). To that end, you want to be able to provide the best sportsbook experience for any client. How can you do that? By having the best sportsbook software.

More Than Just the Technology

That said though, there’s more to this than just having the most technologically advanced operation. You have to know everything there is to know about operating it, too. To give yourself the best advantage, it’s not enough to just offer the features – you have to know how to make it easier for your players to access them in the way that’s best for them.

Familiarize Yourself With the World of This Industry

If a friend of yours came to you and said: “Hey, I’d like to join a new field, I want to find something else to do to make money,” what advice would you give them? If you’re like many of us, we bet that you’d say something like: “Well, before you really head into it, so to speak, make sure that you take everything into account, you learn all about the markets, all the important things, etc.” So, we’re saying the same thing to you right now, when it comes to being a bookie, running a sports bookkeeping business, etc. If you want to compete with the best agents for the best bettors (or just want to make some extra cash) then you should know all that there is to know about the industry. Fortunately, we can give you a handle to start from there, too.

Bookie Software System – Use the Information You’re Offered

The best sportsbook promotions are the ones that are going to give you some data to start from. They don’t just say “Hey, here’s a line, you’re on your own.” Instead, they’ll look at you, the agent, as a partner, someone that they can grow with. They won’t see a bookmaker as a moneymaker for them, rather, they’ll see someone they can work with in a range of ways. The best sportsbooks will provide a guide as an option, with an example to follow on how to use all the services, the platform, etc. The best sports betting software systems for bookmakers are the ones that offer a real trial so that you can know what to use before bringing in users, people who would bet on your site.

Know Your Limits

The best management tip for a bookie is the same for a bettor: know how far you can go. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose. Make a list, write it down, what kind of money you’re willing to part with and what kind you aren’t. That way, you give yourself a chance to not just be in control for a brief period, but to be able to continue on this journey for a long time. Too often, when someone takes a loss for good in this business, so to speak, it’s because they forgot about the gambling aspect of it. Manage your lines, your bets, your promotion, and everything else in such a way that you can always come back tomorrow.

Opportunities and Flexibility

That may mean making some decisions on the fly. It could mean that you have to adjust wagering options as you go. The odds are good that, at this point in the industry, you’re on a site that enables you to set the point spread yourself. You don’t have to just go with what someone else did, what they saw on the news, what the market did, etc. Instead, you’re in control. So, be sure to set the lines on your books as something that you can pay should you lose. You want to get used to using the tools that make it possible for you to do that. That way, you and your PPH can stay in the action offering betting on events for a long time to come.

Offer Casino Games, Too

Those are also going to be crucial if you want the longevity of your site to last. Today, on devices, a player can use their phone to get their wagers down anywhere. You have to give them a reason to bet on their team, to bet on a game through your site. Essentially, you have to be the solution that they’re looking for. How can you do that? For starters, you can offer variety. You can offer a choice. Of all the apps in the world that could place their deposits on, you want to be able to provide them with more than they can find anywhere else. You want to be the service that they return to, the place they want to be, the page that they trust. Offering the best casino content is a great way to do that.

Casinos Can Make or Break an App

It’s difficult to overstate just how many offers of their attention and their money that modern gamblers have, and how many other kinds of companies are out there. Thus, to give yourself more chances to have “the juice,” so to speak, you have to be able to offer them the types of games from the casinos that they want. So, be sure to manage your blackjack, your baccarat, your slots, your poker, and more. If you can, be sure to get in those live dealer games, too. That’s the kind of thing that can really put some managers of a bookies/pay-per-head companies over the top. If you think of yourself as a restaurant, you want to be able to offer the best menu in town, so to speak.

Managing is Tracking

Have you ever wondered why some who don’t know the sports as well as others find success, whereas some of those who seemingly know everything there is to know about sport find themselves at risk of losing for good? It can seem paradoxical, that some football experts don’t do as well as with sportsbook businesses as others, but the truth is that there’s more to this than just being able to know everything the internet knows about a sport. Additionally, you have to stay in touch with how your players are betting. You have to know when they win, how, their winnings, what country they’re in, what “level they’re on,” so to speak, and so much more.

Number One Among Benefits: Bet History

Look at how your players are doing. See what they did wager on one event, how it went, how they didn’t do as well on another, and so forth. They’re your customers, yes, so you want to know what they bought, why they bought it, and so forth. By that same token, they’re also who you’re competing against, too. So, you want to be able to do better than them the next time. The best way to do this: have the ability to be able to see what they did in the past. That way, you can adjust your business accordingly as time goes on. Manage the interface that allows you to do this. That’s the type you’re looking for,

Make Sure the Price Is Right

It might be one of those things that go without saying, but be sure to use a site that offers pay-per-head services. That way, you’re paying a flat fee for all of your players, paying more as you acquire more talent. With this, you’re paying for volume and not just paying out of what you win, etc. The basis for a successful online bookie business at this point isn’t just knowing all of the stats, it’s being able to provide solutions to players while you have the peace of mind that comes from working with a site that puts you first, so to speak.

Consider Horse Racing

Sports, as we know, are often decided by who made the best adjustments as a game went on. One team dominates the first half, one scores a few runs in the first couple innings, and the other has to make changes to their plan. The original game plan didn’t go forward with the ease that we had hoped, the other team came out with more speed than we might have imagined. Thus, we have to do something to adjust. A team will change its defensive game plan, a baseball manager will go to the bullpen, and so forth. You should be able to do that with your site, too. One way to do so: bring in the horses.

Sites With Racebooks

Racebooks, thoroughbred racing, whatever you want to call it, can provide a real bonus for bookies. Many start with these. Perhaps they know horse racing, maybe they always wanted to offer it, and so forth. Others will do so as a course of action when they’re struggling or even when they’re doing well. The best sportsbooks adjust when you do so that you can find a better way to get more out of the igaming industry. You can add a racebook option to your form to meet your needs as well as those of your players. That’s just one way that the best bookies adjust to what their players want.

Check-in With the Call Center, Too

Have you ever watched old movies when a “high roller” enters a casino and someone from the casino comes out to shake their hand? They show them around, say “We’re always glad when you come by,” etc.? That’s what you want to be, but online. Yes, it’s a lot different. But, you want to be in touch with your players so that you can offer them more. That means you want to be, for lack of a better analogy, the “Commission to Improve How Your Players Play the Games.” So, you want to know what they’re calling the call center for, what they’re asking about, and so forth. That way, you can make the tasks on your site easier for them to do. You can’t make your sportsbook too easy for your players to bet on and with. Again, a major part of “management” is making sure that you’re with the right system in the first place.

Get Feedback Where You Can

The player who has made your site their selection is the one you want to go back to time and time again. Why? Because, as figures show across the industry, it’s easier to hang onto a player than it is to get a new one to come to your site. So, find out what rights they want, what they like and what they don’t. That way, you can make sure to order things in such a way that that can work best for them. Obviously, there are some things you can’t do (“add new sports leagues” is not exactly something in your jurisdiction). But, to the extent that you’re able, make your site more friendly for your players.

Adding More Power When You Need It

If you haven’t caught on yet, a major part of making this sportsbook thing work is being able to adjust on the fly when you have to. It’s about being able to shift focus and make the changes you need to get players to your site and keep them there. One such weapon in your arsenal, should you choose to utilize it: bonuses. With these, you can give yourself a “shot in the arm,” so to speak, for how to grow your business. In a world where it’s all about being able to offer something that someone won’t be able to find anywhere else, these can be a real boon.

Remember: Only Offer What You Can Afford to Lose

The same words we said earlier about gambling are true for any kind of bonus or promotion as well. Yes, you want to have the best site, the one that’s set apart from anyone else. But, you also want to be able to pay your rent/mortgage, too. By setting an amount for the bonuses/promotions that you can live with, you ensure that you’ll be able to “take the mound tomorrow,” too (to use a baseball term).

Make it So Your Players Can Make Any Kind of Deposit, Too

The selection that your players have in terms of where they can bet and how they can bet cannot be underestimated. There is simply so much out there. Thus, it behooves you to manage your site in such a way that your players can make deposits in the manner that feels most right to them. That could mean using their debit card, other currencies than the US dollar, and so forth. See how they’re betting and then adjust accordingly – that’s true for how as well as what they bet.

Cryptocurrencies, Too

If you only let your players bet with US dollars, then in a very real way, you’re leaving money on the table. Give them more options than they’ll find elsewhere and you give yourself the best chance for success. Bitcoin and other forms of crypto aren’t going away – rather, they can be one more way for your players to bet and you both to win.

Stay Positive

An indelible image that many bookies should keep in mind: Michael Jordan, when the Bulls were struggling, during a timeout, telling the other players on the team: “Keep your head! Keep your head!” That’s true for this business, too. It can seem like you’re doing nothing but losing, yet, the next winning streak is right around the corner. But, you have to manage your company right to be able to hang in there till the next winning streak.

Run Your Book the Way You Want to

When hall-of-fame football coach Bill Cowher left the Pittsburgh Steelers to then-new coach Mike Tomlin, the only message he left him was: “Do it your way.” That’s true of your sportsbook, too. Yes, you can read our advice on how to manage it. But, in the end, the only way this really works, is if you do it your own way.

Don’t Wait

Too many spend years thinking “Oh, this is the year I’ll get my bookie business off of the ground” or “I’ll try again soon.” Don’t be that person. If you want to do this, give it a shot right now. Any changes you want to make, even if those changes are “begin” you should do today. You can do that all here at our site.

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