Will the Patriots be able to handle Sherman?

Patriots, OC Josh McDanielsOn Tuesday, Patriots OC Josh McDaniels said that a team’s offense can’t always avoid Seahawks CB Richard Sherman all the time, but also said that a player can’t simply throw the ball at somebody just for the sake of throwing it at him, and sportsbook software services believe that he has a point.

McDaniels said that New England must be smart when they take on the CB, something that the team’s fans can fully agree with.

During the session that the Patriots had in media day, the OC said that they’re still trying to figure out how his team will take on Seattle’s “Legion of Boom”, but stressed that Sherman must be part of the task.

“I mean, it’s not easy to avoid someone the whole game … just say you’re not going to throw over there,” said McDaniels. “But you have to be smart because he will take the ball away from you. There’s a reason he’s taken the ball away from people, because of his skill level. But there’s no way around it, if the coverage takes the play there, that’s where you go.

“But you can’t just start going right at him if the play doesn’t take you there. We want to be smart, make the smart plays. Because he’s smart, he’ll make the smart plays … But we’re not going to avoid someone throughout, but we’re not going to go out of our way to get in trouble. If the coverage takes us there, that’s what we’ll do.”

The player tends to line up at the left CB – on the right of the offense, while New England frequently have their WR’s move around their formation, and this includes sometimes moving TE Rob Gronkowski. This season, Gronkowski was able to lead New England with 1,124 receiving yards, as WR Julian Edelman had 92 catches, and he was the one leading the team in that department.

Altogether, this season there were four New England players that had at least 50 receptions (Shane Vereen, Brandon LaFell, Gronkowski, and Edelman). Sportsbook software services saw that even though the Seahawks weren’t often challenged, in the NFL’s regular season Sherman was still leading the team with four picks.

Patriots fans everywhere can’t wait to see what their team has in mind when they face “The Legion of Boom” in the Super Bowl, but they know that a very good and surprising strategy must definitely be planned out against the Seahawks – if they don’t already have one.