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Western Kentucky’s offense might be too much for Central Michigan

Central Michigan and Western Kentucky are set to square off in the Popeyes’ Bahamas Bowl taking place on December 24, in a game that pay per head agents believe should be a real hit with fans all over the country.

For Central Michigan, the season came to an end at 7–5 after they had a very upsetting 2–3 start that saw the team lose in September three games in a row. In the beginning of the season, Central Michigan did a very bad job on the field, but they were able to improve their game out with the help of RB Thomas Rawls. The Chippewas were defeated by teams that are not at their level, but they were able to beat Purdue and Northern Illinois – eventual champions of the MAC – on the road.

Western Kentucky’s season also ended at 7–5. They had a win that saved their season after a huge win over Marshall, who were then unbeaten. When you look at the statistics, the Hilltopers’ defense is not very good at all, but the team is able to make some very proper plays if necessary. Putting together Western Kentucky’s clutch skills in their defense with QB Brandon Doughty’s 4,344 passing yards and Leon Allen’s 1,490 rushing yards, this could very well be one of the country’s most surprising teams.

It’s also worth noting that the Chippewas and Hilltopers made it to bowl games thanks to pushes late in the season. Central Michigan were able to win three games out of the last four that they played, as Western Kentucky’s season finished with four consecutive wins.

The Chippewas have plenty of talent with an underestimated defense, but that was able to improve. However, they might not stand a chance against the Hilltoppers’ powerful offense. In the county, Western Kentucky’s scoring offenses have a ranking within the top 6 with their scoring, and many pay per head agents believe that with Allen’s ground game and Doughty’s aerial game, this meeting could be virtually finished by the third quarter, but what will ultimately happen on the field remains to be seen.

Many fans believe that the Hilltopers have a clear edge over the Chippewas for this meeting, and they can’t wait to see what will happen when both sides square off in this bowl game.

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