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Weatherford compares Eagles quarterbacks to automobiles

Steve Weatherford decided to criticize the EaglesOn Friday, Steve Weatherford decided to criticize the Eagles’ quarterbacks by comparing them to automobiles. Sportsbook software services were surprised by what the Giants punter had to say, and could see that it created a bit of a stir with many fans.

When Weatherford was interviewed on WFAN in the “Boomer and Carton Show”, rivalry in the NCF East heated up after he criticized Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and Mark Sanchez, and not many fans were very happy at all about this.

“I’m gonna give you a Ferrari [Bradford] that maybe won’t be running all the time, or I’m giving you a nice Cadillac sedan [Sanchez],” said Weatherford. “It’s not the fastest but you know what you’re going to get out of it. Bradford can go from zero to 60 in three seconds, but you don’t know if he’s gonna start up some days.”

Philadelphia acquired Bradford’s services during the offseason in a trade with the Rams, and many fans seriously hope that this will prove to be good move for both teams. Sportsbook software services didn’t see the player in action since October of 2013, as he was inactive due to injuries, and now he’s entering the last year that he has in his contract – one which will see him get him get $12.95m for the season.

“Chip Kelly will get himself in serious trouble if they get an extension for that guy,” said Weatherford. “And [if] he gets hurt? He’s done.”

Many experts believe that he could have a point and can see that there are concerns over the player getting injured this season, but there’s also plenty of optimism that he will pull through.

Sanchez, who last season was able to go 4-4 for Philadelphia, will also be competing with Bradford in an effort to get the QB position, and fans all over the country wonder who will be the one to get the spot.

Weatherford also had some words to say about Tebow, who signed up during the offseason but hasn’t been in action since 2012 for a regular season in the league, and his fans can’t wait to see how he’ll do this time around – especially after having been absent from the game for so long.

“I’m the biggest Tim Tebow fan in the world,” said Weatherford. “I mean, who wouldn’t want their daughter to date a guy like that? I’ll tell you what, I don’t want him taking snaps for my team.”

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