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Watch a sports betting film to understand your local bookie bookies and price per head services have sports betting films stuck in their minds like a nail in a coffin. Well, maybe that sounded a bit, ehmm.. harsh, but it’s very likely that you, dear reader, have seen at least a couple of them.

How can local bookies forget Richard Dreyfuss winning every bet in Let it Ride? And pay per head services will always remember the action in Casino, where Robert de Niro and friends showed everyone just how dramatic the world of bookmaking could have been back in the day. And local bookies still feel a tingling in the back of their necks when they think about the brutal scenes in the film. Sure, that particular film is not exactly easy for the eyes to see, as it portrays the evil side of gambling, but many thought that it was worth watching – for the sake of good cinema. And who can forget those suits? Robert de Niro certainly killed it with his orange, red, and blue suits. Oh, and every f-bomb spat out of the mouth of Joe Pesci made local bookies wonder if this film was meant to be a drama or some type of comedy.

It can also be safe to say that many local bookies and price per head services have been inspired by some of these films, save perhaps the violent parts, as this is not included in modern bookmaking. Yes, you may think that there is no solid connection between one of those films and actual bookmaking, but for those of you who are a bit lost in the ways of the bookie, watching or re-watching one or two of these films can give you a bit of an idea of what the world of bookmaking is like.

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Well, here’s a list of films for you, in case you’re interested to see what local bookies and price per head services enjoy watching while they sit on their couches on Sundays eating sausages and watching TV:

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Even Money (2006)
Bookies (2003)
Big Shot (2002)
Casino (1995)
Let it Ride (1989)
Eight Men Out (1988)
The Color of Money (1986)
The Gambler (1974)
The Hustler (1961)

So, there you go. You’re welcome. Now, if you don’t watch at least two of these films in the next 48 hours, you’ll have a couple of mean looking men who look like bulldogs knocking at your door.

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