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Villanova vs. Xavier NCAA Basketball Per Head Sportsbook Prediction

Villanova vs. Xavier Pay per Head Sportsbook analysis and predictionThe Villanova Wildcats are struggling to get a first seed while the Xavier Musketeers are looking to get a place in the show. Pay per head sportsbooks believe that this will be a very intriguing matchup, and fans all over the country also can’t wait to see what will happen when these teams face each other – especially with March Madness on the horizon.

The first fight was won by the Wildcats, but Xavier will have to seriously work on their team – especially their defense – if they want to win this upcoming game and make it big. If they lose this match, it won’t be an absolute disaster, but it could be great for them if they come out on top. And there are only two games remaining for the Musketeers, which include the one against the Wildcats, so they don’t have much time left,

Villanova were able to win nine consecutive games already, and the team has a top 10 ranking. Both losses suffered by the Wildcats took place while playing away from home, and this time around they’ll also play on the road.

This season, Xavier had a 75.1 PPG average, and if they’re looking to win this match they’ll need to get 75 of them. They were beaten in their first game at 88-75, so for this upcoming meeting, the Musketeers should work on their defense and make it much stronger.

A big win could come in very handy for the Musketeers, and the team is right in front of it as they move into this clash. The problem is that the Wildcats just happen to be the better team, with only two matches lost this year. Villanova won’t be taken lightly at all when they take on Xavier.

It’s possible that Xavier could keep the game close, but many experts believe that Villanova will be the ones to win this upcoming match.

Basketball fans everywhere can’t wait to see the Wildcats face the Musketeers, and believe that they’ll be in for quite a show. Pay per head sportsbooks can also imagine Xavier’s fans going wild if their team is effectively able to win the game, but they know how strong Villanova is. It’s likely that the Wildcats will be the ones to win this showdown, but what will ultimately happen on the court remains to be seen.

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