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Van Gundy said that Corbin was not treated well by the Kings

Stan Van Gundy, Pistons coachStan Van Gundy, Pistons coach, believes that the Kings were making fun of a “very public” chase to get the services of George Karl, and said that there’s no excuse for the way that Tyrone Corbin was being treated. Sportsbook software services can see that this whole issue is creating plenty of tension, and wonder if things will eventually cool off.

Sources reported that once the All-Star Weekend is over, as Corbin won’t coach the Kings anymore, Karl will take his place. Now many fans would like to see how he’ll do when he takes on the role.

“I think it’s an unfortunate situation the way it’s been handled,” said Van Gundy, before Detroit’s 104-87 loss on Wednesday to San Antonio. “I think Tyrone Corbin has been treated very, very poorly by their organization. I think the way they’ve treated him is unfortunate and inexcusable for one of the real class acts in our business.

“To have a very public coaching, not search, courting going on and while you’re asking him to coach games, I think he’s handled it with a great deal of class.”

Many fans and sportsbook software services know that the new coach still has to be formally introduced by Sacramento, but reports made about the Kings going after the coach were continuing since Corbin took the place of Mike Malone in the middle of December.

Corbin, who was coaching the Jazz for over three seasons, made a 7-19 record this season while working with Sacramento.

Brendan, who’s Malone’s father, has the role of an assistant with the staff that Van Gundy has with Detroit.

“I didn’t like that obviously with Brendan on the staff, but coaches get fired all the time,” said Van Gundy. “But then you give Tyrone the job and if you want to make a change, even if people don’t like it, obviously as an owner you have a right to make a change, and that’s up to you.

“But you don’t need to do it the way they’re doing it now. That thing’s been in the news for two weeks now, and Tyrone’s coaching and they obviously don’t have any problem treating him like that.

“I have a hard time understanding that one, I really do. Tyrone Corbin is a class act. He was a class act as a player. He’s a class act as a coach and he’s being treated very, very poorly.”

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