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True Live Betting: Tate said that Browner and Thurmond were “selfish”

Brandon BrownerTrue Live Betting fans learned that Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks receiver, said that cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond were “selfish” when they forced the NFL to suspend them due to substance abuse.

“Everyone should realize where this team is,” Tate said on 710 ESPN radio in Seattle on Tuesday.

“You are affecting way more than yourself. I feel like that was kind of a selfish move on both those guys’ part. But it is what it is. The show must go on, and that’s what we’re gonna do.

On Monday afternoon, the team announced that Thurmond was banned without pay for the next four games after he violated the league’s substance abuse policy. Price per head services found out that on December 23 – a day after the Seahawks play the Arizona Cardinals – the player will be eligible to return to the active roster.

Browner was expected to be given a one-year suspension for substance abuse, but an official announcement has not been made, and True Live Betting fans would like to see what will happen regarding this.

On Monday, Seattle signed former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Perrish Cox and added the player to the active roster instead of Thurmond.

True Live Betting fans know that the Seahawks (10-1) will play the New Orleans Saints (9-2) on Monday night in Century Link Field, in a game that could be decisive in the NFC playoffs home-field advantage.

Tate said that he was disappointed in some of the ire he read from Seahawks fans on Twitter, which he believed did not represent the fans’ 12th-man tradition.

“They talk like Tarzan, but they really look like Jane,” Tate said of the Twitter commenters.

“They write things they would never say to your face. But without these two guys [Thurmond and Browner], we still need the 12s to show Monday night, and we need to show up.”

Linebacker K.J. Wright and True Live Betting fans do not think that it will be a problem.

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“We are the guys who will be out there,” Wright said on 710 ESPN. “When we’re on the field, none of this stuff is going to matter.”

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