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Top PPH Software for the First Quarter of 2018

2017 had been a valuable year for pay per head services all over the globe. It is also the time when PPH service had bloom and where most bookmakers decided to commit to online sports betting rather than with the traditional. Of course, more changes are expected this year and if you have already read the Top 10 pay per head services (PPH Reviews) article which was published last year; then, you won’t be surprised anymore on what awaits this year. To give you the latest on pay per head services, here are the top PPH software for this year’s first quarter.


Why You Should Use Top PPH Software

There is only one simple answer why you should use the services of top PPH software, it’s for the sake of quality and trust. There’s lots of PPH software that spread over the Internet today and some are fake and does not have the credibility of providing a pay per head service. It’s very important to get the best pay per head software for your business for it will serve as the right tool to keep you on your road to business success.



Rating: A

IDSCA or International Data Solutions is a highly respected pay per head company and had been in the bookmaking industry for several years. Though it’s software is a little bit pricey than most top PPH software, the services you’ll be getting is more than you’ve paid for. It’s the top-rated pay per head company from last year’s review (Top 10 pay per head services in 2017).

Sportsbook Software Strategies

Price Starts at $16/Head

Compared to other top PPH software, IDSCA is more expensive with prices that start at $16/head. Its price rises as you add more features, but it’s not a big deal for you’ll get extra mile as benefits of its extra cost. Multiple custom websites are available in its top PPH software and come with the software customization capability, Multilanguage support, online reports and toll-free phone number.

IDSCA Software Review:

IDSCA’s top PPH software is excellent and comes with fine phone and internet wagering accounts. Currently, this top PPH software has a new mobile platform that works with more than 1500 mobile devices making access much easier for clients. Among the available bookmaking options for IDSCA are sportsbook, a casino with single account and sportsbook with more than 65 sports leagues. Additionally, there are more than 1800+ daily betting options in its sportsbook, while its racebook include international horse race betting making it better than most competitors.



Rating: A

24/7PPH earned an A rating from having a reliable and profitable bookmaking services. For a few years in the industry, it is now one of the top PPH software that really works. At just a little amount, you can have your own online bookmaking business with this company.

Price Starts at $10-$15 per head

If its only online wagering service that you need from this top PPH software, you can start getting its price at $10 per head. Meanwhile, if there are gamblers who would need phone wagering, then you can get their offer at $15 per head. Its top PPH software provides free trial for two weeks, so you can test its efficiency and move your bettors once you get convinced of its service.

Software Review:

24/7PPH is a top PPH software that is managed and operated by an expert team of bookmaking veterans. It offers sportsbook, racebook as well as an online casino where bettors can place their wagers. There are also line managers from the company that make sure you have the edge of beating your clients. Its top PPH software also comes with a suite that betters will surely love because of its 100+ betting options. Plus, there are more than 100+ horse tracks in North America for the racebook wagering.


Rating: A

A1PPH top PPH software receives an A rating from its excellent software platform. The company has user-friendly admin, virtual and live casino and sharp lines which make it one of the industry’s top-notch pay per head company in bookmaking services. It even guarantees a 99.9% uptime servers which are of utmost importance.

Price Starts at $10 per head

A1PPH top PPH software offers a little operating cost for active bettors. You would only have to spend $10 per head and even offers the best plan based on the number of bettors you have in your sportsbook. Its top PPH software offers a free trial for four weeks which you can consume before moving your players over.

Software Review:

A1PPH top PPH software is a sportsbook focused software, but can also provide access for casino and racebook alternatively. Its top PPH software is subject to customization depending on your preference. One of the good points of A1PPH is that it does not take a percentage of your casino profits. You can also set your own rules including maximum daily losses/profits if you don’t want getting bankrupted by a bettor who is up for huge wins. More than 20 games can be played in its casino, 75+ horse tracks in North America for the racebook and even more from its sportsbook.

Rating: A

Realbookies top PPH software is also a rated A software because of its huge help in making agents more profitable. Besides, at Realbookies, as your business grows, the pay per head company asks for a smaller cost. This gives more chances of taking your bookmaking business to the next level.

Price Starts at $10 per head

Realbookies top PPH software charges $10 per head and even a discounted price if you have more bettors in your player base. You only have to make sure on the approximate size of your clients once you sign-up with the company. Its top PPH software is available for trial for four weeks without any charge.

Software Review:

Realbookies top PPH software offers premium non-stop services. It offers racebook, online casino and sportsbook with a variety of gaming and wagering options. The sportsbook has more than 100 betting options for the bettors, while the racebook has more than 60 horse tracks in North America such as Belmont Park, Churchill Downs and Woodbine. There are also 20+ casino games you can set depending on your preference. Realbookies’ software is mobile-friendly that makes its service better than most of its competitors.

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