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Top 10 Best Pay Per Head Companies (PPH Reviews) in 2023

Pay per head revolutionizes an innovative way of betting on your favourite sports. These PPH reviews will help you more understand the different strategies of companies when it comes to online betting as well as their methods. This top 10 best pay per head companies in 2023 offers the deliberate variety of ways in conducting sports online betting platform. These are the legalized and top leading pay per head companies in today’s generation which provides multiple offers for clients through the bookmaker. Get to know each of these companies, so you can have the idea of the services offered by each company.



IDSCA stands for International Data Solutions or IDSCA. IDSCA is the top leading and the most popular online betting company. In this PPH reviews, you can identify the services offered by IDSCA including the pay per head sportsbook services. IDSCA had been featured in other PPH reviews where it eagerly tells that it is one of the pioneers in online sports betting since it started in 1997. The company promised to provide the revolutionary form of pay per head services in the world of sports, casino, betting and bookmaking. IDSCA has also a one-stop comprehensive people for all types of players and bookmakers. The company has a one-of-a-kind bookmaking management software as a solution for the needs of the players and bookies.


SportsPerHead pay per head company which prides itself on being one of the tops. Based on lots of PPH reviews, SportsPerHead is popular on helping both young and experienced bookies to manage and expand their bookmaking business. The company has experts in customer service and service development staff to provide customized solutions even with the clients. Furthermore, SportsPerHead has an outstanding PPH reviews which tell that even though the prices are a bit higher compared to other pay per head software, the clients do not experience lagging or slowdown. The company tries the variety of approaches in working with the clients and bookies for they do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” approach. Other PPH reviews gladly identify the benefits of using SportsPerHead starting from free trial to expanding opportunity for business growth.




PPH Reviews stands out another pay per head company, the Realbookies. Realbookies is known as one of the best company when it comes to per head services. It has been even featured in major news program and magazines such as in Forbes, CNN, Sky sports, Gambling 911, Therx and other top websites. One among the strengths of the company, as mentioned in several PPH reviews, is its standard pricing. The company does not offer cheap prices for they depend on their customer service to attract new customers instead of putting their software on sale. Realbookies has a sportsbook which is fairly easy to use by the bookies. Their software takes the calls, record the information given by the clients and grades the results of the betting in unlimited time.



Premierperhead is a pay per head company which offer services that are rising to the next level. PPH reviews stand out the software of Premierperhead as it deals with personal account managers of every bookie. The personal account manager guides clients in step-by-step process excluding the setup and orientation. People who write PPH reviews for Premierperhead gladly mention the top service of the company for the company does not refer to “churn and burn” philosophy. Likewise, it is the top priority of the company to do whatever is necessary just to keep the client on board for the long-term relationship with the business.



Perhead is another top business company for bookies and bettor who is looking for a reliable bookmaker and pay per head company. PPH reviews praised the betting software of Perhead for being flexible, reliable and offer a seamless integration. Just like the regular pay per head company, Perhead operates on s small set fee for each player who bet weekly. The company swears that they do not take the bookmaker or even the client’s profits, which several PPH reviews identified as the topmost important in a good pay per head company. Perhead had been featured on the website of The New York Times where PPH reviews for the company grows drastically. In general, Perhead betting services is praised for providing every single need in operating a sportsbook.



Dollarperhead is a pay per head company which uses advanced equipment with the most advanced call centre for sports betting. PPH reviews compliment Dollarperhead for its genuine offshore bookmakers. They provide customers with lots of online features plus with superior data security in 24/7 time not mentioning the full technical support. Additionally, PPH reviews commend the most advanced data processing technology of Dollarperhead as a pay per head company. It does not stop providing services like high-speed fibre-optic network connection, satellite phones and so much more. Hence, online sports betting become so popular in the past few years, Dollarperhead makes it sure that the company will continue to provide services with utmost advancement in technology.



BettorsNet pay per head services as an offshore online solution company for bookies who wants to have an established carrier in bookmaking offers promising services for them. PPH reviews reveal the good standing of BettorsNet especially when it comes to acquiring clients for the sportsbook. They have 80+ sporting leagues with additional exciting horse betting and casino entertainment. Plus, BettorsNet has a 24/7 technical staff and highly trained customer support for providing assistance and answering questions anytime. Additionally, PPH reviews for BettorsNet are all outstanding when it comes to benefits for the bettors who are all betting from their homes. Its because BettorsNet securely keeps track of real-time betting activities. The company’s site is customizing the necessary activities for the sake of needs and expectations of the players and provide them with the best experience.



The Standardperhead stands out on PPH reviews for its price per head easy to use services, the most affordable and highly secure. Standardperhead’s easy to use software is similar to other online sports betting platforms with major sportsbooks. The company’s software features the most upgraded and most reporting pay per head services, thus providing the better solution regardless of the price. Based on PPH reviews, Standardperhead is commended as the most affordable pay per head company which provides everything that the bookie and clients’ needs in order to successfully manage the sports betting business. Likewise, Standardperhead is known as a highly secure pay per head betting company for using modern technology which is open for 24/7 unlimited access ensuring reliability and user friendliness.



The 24-7bookie is another pay per head company which sits up in the line of client’s PPH reviews. The company utilizes the most sophisticated and secure software for the bookies and clients as well. 24-7bookie makes sure that all transactions are processed with speed and accuracy to avoid any issues and rants. Furthermore, PPH reviews of customers for 24-7bookie has praised the extremely secured site and services that’s why 24-7bookie has earned the trust of hundreds of agents as well as master agents. They also apply strict confidence with the players’ records and the bookie as well through the monitoring of their management and supervisory staff.



The last among the best in the list of pay per head companies which stand out from clients on PPH reviews is the RDGcorp. RDGcorp was long-time founded and has become one of the leading provider of the services for a bookie’s career in online sports betting, racebook, or even casino. The company provides a wide range of safe and reliable service for the clients. They even have secure options to help everyone in the gambling industry who are affiliated with their company to grow their career. RDGcorp does not limit its services to any bookie who uses their sportsbook including the professional credit bookmakers and sports betting agents.

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