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Tony Parker speaks about his problems in the game

Tony Parker with problems in the gameBesides the year that he played as a rookie, price head sportsbooks believe that this could very well be the worst year that Tony Parker had playing in the league.

He has an average of 13.8 points and 4.9 assists for each game played, something that is worrying many fans, to not mention the player almost not getting to the line of the free-throws. The shots that he makes also don’t fall.

It’s safe to say that since the NBA All-Star break took place, the player showed ineptitude that is completely alien to a player that was an All-Star on six occasions and a champion on four. His stardom is going down, and many fans are wondering about what could be going on with the world-famous point guard.

Throughout his three games, Parker has an average of 3.0 points made on 14.3% shooting. All of them were dropped by the Spurs, which didn’t come as a surprise at all. On Wednesday night, following a drubbing of 16 points when the Spurs faced the Blazers, the player spoke with the San Antonio Express-News and had a few things to say about his current problems in the game.

“It’s tough right now. It’s tough. Since I’ve been with the Spurs, I’ve never experienced that in a three-game, four-game stretch. We’re not making shots. It starts with me. I’m not making shots. Our 3-point shooters are not making shots, and everything is tough. We just have to stay positive … it’s definitely hard right now.”

Spurs fans are concerned about his hamstring, but that doesn’t really excuse his terrible performances. Many people in the NBA – to not mention his fans – believe that Parker’s problems move beyond his hamstring, and would like to find out what it is. They would also like to see him work on whatever it is that’s setting him back, as the Spurs are obviously not benefiting from his problems in any way.

“I had great looks tonight, shots that I always make. That’s why it’s like … it looks good. It feels good when I shot it. But I miss my first 5 or 6 shots, and then you know the defense, waits until I make that shot. Once I make that shot, everything will open up. The last three games, I haven’t been hitting that shot.”

Price per head sportsbooks hope that Parker successfully overcomes his difficulties in the game, and the player’s fans are not losing hope that he’ll be able to move past this very ugly phase in his career, even it takes a bit of time.

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