Tom Brady said that he didn’t alter the footballs

Tom BradyOn Thursday, while speaking in his first news conference directed to the public, Patriots QB Tom Brady denied altering footballs. Pay per head services can see what a big problem ‘deflate-gate’ turned out to be, and were wondering about what else he had to say.

“I would never do anything outside the rules of play,” Brady told the media.

On Sunday, after New England beat Indianapolis in the title game of the AFC, there were plenty of reports and a lot of gossip on whether the QB, coach Bill Belichick, or anybody within the organization deflated footballs before the contest took place.

“I didn’t alter the ball in any way,” said Brady. “I have a process before every game where I take the footballs I want to use for the game. Our equipment guys do a great job breaking the balls in for the game. Our equipment guys have a process they go through.

“When I am done, those balls are perfect.”

On Thursday, Brady, who brushed off the allegations on Monday, was asked why he was looking more subdued.

“I thought it was more sour grapes [Monday] than anything,” said the QB. “I don’t think anyone knew that there was an issue with the balls.”

After 2007, when it was shown that New England were caught taping St. Louis’ practices prior to a Super Bowl in the famous SpyGate fiasco, they were asked if they’ll be known as a team that cheats.

“I don’t believe so. I always feel like I’ve played within the rules. I’ve never broken the rules,” said Brady.

“The integrity of the game is important.”

The player was also asked if Belichick knew about the pre-game process that takes place regarding footballs.

“Everyone is obviously trying to figure out what happened. I was as surprised as anybody when I heard Monday morning what is happening,” said Brady.

Brady, who didn’t speak with investigators from the NFL, was not denying that he chooses his footballs prior to the game, and he said: “I want to be familiar with the equipment that I am using. … I choose the balls I want to use in the game.”

Belichick said on Thursday that he’s unaware of how the balls were deflated in the matchup that saw the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl.

However, Belichick refused to answer any questions after he said that it wasn’t until Monday morning that he heard about the claims made on the Patriots, saying that they were cheating by using underinflated balls when they beat the Colts on Sunday night’s game.

Belichick said that the Patriots are working together with the league in their investigation.

“Tom’s personal preferences on his ball, footballs, are something that he can talk about in much better detail and information than I could possibly provide,” said the coach. “I can tell you that in my entire coaching career I have never talked to any player, staff member about football air pressure.”

However, pay per head services saw that Brady did talk about it while he stood at the podium for almost one hour.

“I have no knowledge of anything. … I don’t know what happened over the course of the process [with] the footballs.”

When he was asked if he cheats, the QB said: “Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. I’m going to do the best I can to prepare for the Seahawks.”