Thursday Night Football: Broncos vs. Chargers Betting Game Analysis

Thursday Night Football- Broncos vs. ChargersOn Sunday, Peyton Manning impressed many fans and local bookies when he broke the NFL’s record of TD passes, but the QB was also leading the Broncos to a win that put the team at the top of league. Four nights after this accomplishment, the player is set to lead his team against the Chargers, and the AFC West’s top position will be in jeopardy.

Even though the Seahawks are having some trouble this season, Denver (5-1) made a performance as good enough as any team worthy of the Super Bowl. As they enter “Thursday Night Football” in Week 8, the Broncos are only one of four teams with only one defeat this season.

One possession decided Denver’s first two victories, but in their wins the team was mostly dominant on the field. The Broncos were able to take out the 49ers in Week 7 by 25 points.

The Broncos’ wins weren’t only made against teams who were playing at mediocre levels. Denver was able to win five out of six meetings in one of the NFL’s toughest schedules. The Broncos defeated two teams who were in first place, and they only beat one that had a losing record this season.

Before losing on Sunday, the Chargers (5-2) had first place, but this was accomplished with the Bolts defeating teams who were not at their level. Three of the team’s victories were made when the Chargers took on teams with one win or more, and Denver ended up losing to the Cardinals and Chiefs, who together had an of 8-4.

San Diego are seriously looking to prove themselves when they take on Denver on Thursday night, and Rivers – who many experts believe is worthy to become an MVP – could turn the Chargers into a serious force to reckon with.

Unfortunately, the QB is leaving what could be his season’s worst performance, as he was only able to throw for 205 yards against the No.2 passing defense of the NFL.

If San Diego has hopes of winning in Week 8, the player’s numbers will have to be very impressive. Even though the team is ranked at No.3 in the league when it comes to passing defense, so far Manning was almost unstoppable.

In a performance that proved to be record-setting, local bookies saw that Manning was able to register a passer rating that was almost perfect, as well as four passes for a TD. In all except for one of their games, the QB threw for at least three scores, and in the other game he tossed for two TD’s. Even though in pass attempts Manning only has a ranking of 15th place, his passer rating of 118.12 is first place in the NFL, to not mention his 19 TD’s.

The Broncos might take on a team worthy of the playoffs, but in Week 8 they’re the huge favorites. Betting odds in Las Vegas have the Broncos giving 7.5 points to the Chargers, and the under /over is 51. sees San Diego tied for the second spot, with a 5-2 ATS.