This might be Brian Hoyer last season with the Browns

Brian Hoyer last season with the BrownsEven though he was able to keep his role as the starting QB for the Browns for another week, at least, the time that Brian Hoyer has left with the team will probably come to an end, as reported by NFL sources, and sportsbook software services wonder what awaits the player in the future.

Sources also reported that the player is believed to part ways with the Browns when he turns into a free agent after the season comes to an end, something that still concerns many fans, despite the team having what could be a proper replacement.

Suitors who value the player more than Cleveland do are expected to try to acquire the QB’s services. It was reported that the Texans could be very interested in seeing the player join their ranks, and many fans in Houston would certainly not mind seeing the QB join the team.

Cleveland entered the game against the Colts on Sunday with a record of 7-5, but the team lost the meeting at 24-25. However, Hoyer was the QB who this season started in every single matchup. Next season, the Browns would also most likely want to give Johnny Manziel – the very famous rookie who this season was a pick in the first round – a chance to start for the team, something that many fans believe could benefit the Browns if he keeps his game at a high level.

When Cleveland suffered a loss to Buffalo last week, sportsbook software services saw that Manziel was the QB who took the place of Hoyer, as the regular starter proved to be very inefficient in that game, and the rookie was able to show the team and the fans his abilities on the field – and possible future contributions – when he ran for a TD on the first drive that he had. However, Cleveland coach Mike Pettine decided that the veteran would be the starter for the game against the Colts, and he said that Hoyer “gives us the best opportunity to win.”

A 29-year-old Hoyer proved to be very productive when he played as a starter in his first full season, as he was able to pass for 3,056 yards with 10 interceptions and 11 TD’s. However, the player was recently having plenty of struggles in the game, as in his last couple of meetings he didn’t throw a single TD and ended up throwing five picks.