This could be Jim Harbaugh’s last season with the 49ers

San Francisco 49ersThe regular season just started for the San Fransisco 49ers, and coach Jim Harbaugh is already losing the team’s locker room, according to Price per head agents would like to see if this problem could end up affecting the team or their motivation, and hope that whatever happens in the locker room won’t get in the way of their performance.

The 49ers’ fans saw that over the last couple of seasons, the team had some very difficult moments, but these problems were overlooked by the players because of the team’s winning ways. said that San Francisco’s problems in the locker room involve the thinking of some of their players, as they believe that if the 49ers start to lose games, this whole mess could ‘spiral out of control’, something that many fans do not want to see happen. reported that veterans in the team’s locker room were not very pleased at all about August’s practices done with Baltimore. The 49ers’ preseason opened on August 7 when they took on the Ravens, and the team stayed for a few days in Baltimore to practice with them, something that did not please many of their fans or players, especially since John Harbaugh coaches the Ravens, and he happens to be the brother of the 49ers’ coach.

San Francisco’s players and many of their fans don’t seem to be very happy with the offseason being all about Jim Harbaugh. Besides practices that were set up by Jim and his brother John, the 49ers also put up with ongoing talks about the possibility of the coach getting an extension to his contract, and then there’s always the Cleveland Browns trade talk in February involving Jim.

The coach is currently in the fourth year of the five-year contract that he signed with the team. Price per head agents remember when in January 2011, Harbaugh signed the deal with San Francisco, and now the 49ers are doing pretty well under his guidance, but the coach could end up leaving the team if they have a bad start.