The Steelers could beat the Browns in a very intense live betting showdown

Steelers could beat the BrownsThis season, many Live betting fans can see that the Steelers are somewhat infamous for being the NFL’s first team to not take out Jacksonville by more than 2 TD’s, but the team will still take their 17-9 win on the road. Pittsburgh was still able to cover the spread (6 points) which this season turned out to be only their second win ATS in the five games that they played.

Once again, the Steelers’ offense had Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and Ben Roethlisberger as their most dangerous men. Big Ben was able to complete over 72% of his passes made for his third meeting, while Bell kept on leading the Steelers in rushing, and Brown in receiving.

In Week 1, all of these players had massive games when they were able to record most of the 503 offensive yards against Cleveland. 115 receiving yards were recorded by Brown, Roethlisberger had 365 yards – which was a season-high – and Bell had a total of 197 yards, which was the most made in his career. Again, these players should be the ones to at least get near those numbers, with a Browns defense that was not able to make a lot of improvements since.

The team’s biggest worry is in their defense, particularly against their opponent’s running game. Pittsburgh simply wasn’t able to stop Cleveland’s rushing attack, as on the ground, 191 yards were given up. However, the Steelers’ running defense improved somewhat in their last three meetings, as against Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville, they only gave up an average of over 53 yards. Another big effort will be very necessary when they face Cleveland, who has a running game that is a very big part of the offense that the team has.

With Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh is currently 13-2 (in Cleveland they are 5-2) for their meeting with the Browns.

Cleveland’s very brave comeback in the second half from being down 17 points against Pittsburgh in Week 1 was not completely cleared, but last Sunday the Browns were able to go all the way when they made another very surprising comeback as the team went from being down 25 points to take out Tennessee at 29-28, in a game that kept fans at the edge of their seats with the action.

RB Ben Tate, who in Week 1 suffered an injury against Pittsburgh, came back very nicely, as the player was able to run for 123 out of the 175 rushing yards that were recorded by Cleveland. In the meantime, QB Brian Hoyer ended up throwing for 292 yards – a season-high – and 3 TD’s.

However, even though Cleveland made a very good comeback in the game’s second half, it’s vital to keep in mind that the team was down by over three TD’s to a Tennessee side that included Charlie Whitehurst and Jake Locker at QB, due to the fact that they had a bad defense in that game

The team’s Live betting fans were very disappointed to see that their running defense was nothing short of terrible. 149 rushing yards were given up by the Browns when they faced the Titans, something that happens to be an improvement from the team’s last two meetings, where 177 and 160 yards were given up to New Orleans and Baltimore.

But now, this Cleveland side was able to stay even as more yards were given up by their defense, and a very efficient offense that Hoyer led must be given a lot of credit.

As Hoyer’s confidence on the field continues to grow, the player should be much better off to attack Pittsburgh’s pass defense.

This season, an eight point total decided the four games that Cleveland played so far, and the team’s first three meetings went down to the game’s last kick.