The Saints could have a very intense clash with the Cowboys

Orlando Scandrick-CowboysSports software services saw the Saints face the Vikings at the precise moment. A lot of mistakes were made by the Saints when they were defeated by the Falcons and Browns while playing on the road, but the team went back to the Superdome and were able to win their ninth consecutive game at home going back to last year.

The very famous Drew Brees was able to throw for 293 yards and two TD’s on 27-for-35 passing, and had a rating of 120.3 against Minnesota. New Orleans had a total of 396 offensive yards, but the team were only held to 20 points, as after the first quarter, a very solid Minnesota defense was able to hold the Saints to only six points.

For New Orleans, the best news could have been their defensive play when they took on the Vikings. On Sunday, after a 63-point and 892-yard average was allowed in their first two games, the defense held Minnesota to three field goals and a total of 247 yards.

However, in Week 3, Minnesota’s offense did not really amount to much after the domestic violence scandal surrounding Adrian Peterson was all over the headlines, and this could have led the team to seriously lose their concentration. And even though New Orleans was able to hold Minnesota’s running game to 2.7 yards per game played, the team will have a completely different challenge when they take on DeMarco Murray and what could be a very powerful ground game by the Cowboys. In Week 4, the team will have to use this performance if they are to beat Dallas.

When it comes to RB’s, Pierre Thomas and Khiry Robinson seem to be able to step up of for Mark Ingram – who is out due to injury – as they were able to combine for a total of 99 yards and 3.8 yards a carry when they faced the Vikings.

Ingram will still be missed by New Orleans, as the player had a 6.0 yards-per-carry average, and in less than two games he ended up scoring two TD’s. The player won’t be able to take on Dallas, but in the near future he could be back in action after receiving hand surgery.

The Saints’ running game is not at all in top shape, so this could end up with Brees throwing at Dallas’ secondary, which is pretty unstable.

Week 3 for Dallas was determined by the performances made by their secondary. The team was able to come up with some very important plays when necessary, especially a vital interception by Morris Claiborne very late in the fourth quarter with the Rams on their way to making a field goal that would tie the game. The pick was what was able to seal the Cowboys’ win of 34-31.

The Cowboys looked very bad after they suffered a 28-17 loss to San Francisco in their season-opening game, but sports software services saw that they hit back with consecutive victories, giving the team a proper record of 2-1, and in the NFC East they were able to get second place. However, after they beat Tennessee and St. Louis, who are 2-4 in three weeks, there is plenty that Dallas has to prove on the field when they face New Orleans.

Dallas must continue to work on their defense. Besides their heroics late in the game, the Cowboys’ defensive players allowed a whole bunch of yards to a QB who is a rookie, and to a rushing offense that is pretty average, at the most. Things will most likely be much different when they go up against the Saint’s Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees.

The Cowboys’ defense could keep it close, but Dallas will still have to seriously make a reduction of turnovers on their offensive game. This season, Tony Romo threw four interceptions and four TD’s, and it’s very likely that New Orleans will cover WR Dez Bryant much better than St. Louis.

Regarding turnovers, DeMarco Murray also had problems. Even though this season the player ran for 100 or more yards in all three meetings, he also ended up fumbling one time in each of those games.

This season, New Orleans is 1-2 ATS, and Dallas is 2-1 ATS.

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