The Saints could batter the Browns

New Orleans Saints-2014Sports software services won’t forget when last season, the Saints had a very serious struggle with their game, and now it seems that they’re having problems once again when playing away from home, as they were defeated last Sunday by the Falcons 37-34.

Atlanta QB Matt Ryan’s performance was a record-setting one as he took out New Orleans’ defense. The player threw an NFL best of 448 yards and three TD’s. New Orleans also let Atlanta convert on third downs 6 out of 11. All in all, 568 yards were dumped on the Saints by the Falcons.

For New Orleans, things could be a lot easier when they face Cleveland, as they’re set to take on Brian Hoyer, who is widely thought as having less talent in the QB department. New Orleans could take advantage of this, as well as the fact that Cleveland are currently riddled with injuries.

Many fans also saw that Brandin Cooks, rookie receiver, proved to be very impressive for the Saints in their loss in Week 1, and believe that he could be a force to reckon with when the team takes on the Browns.

In Week 2, the Browns will be going home after a very difficult 30-27 away loss to the Steelers. In the meantime, the team’s Live betting fans found some relief as a very intense run in the game’s second half was able to erase what was once a 24-point lead by Pittsburgh.

Cleveland didn’t just lose the game, but two of their most important offensive players were injured. RB Ben Tate was injured first, and he ended up leaving the game after what seemed to be an injury to the knee. Tight end Jordan Cameron then sprained his shoulder, something that forced the player to sit out from the third quarter until the game ended. But Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West – both rookies – were able to show plenty of promise against Pittsburgh, as the players had a combined 132 rushing yards with two TDs, something that gave the Browns more confidence in the backfield, regardless of Tate’s services.

On the other hand, on two catches, Cameron recorded 47 receiving yards before he left the meeting. If the player sits out when his team takes on New Orleans, Hoyer will most likely have Andrew Hawkins as his top target. Against Pittsburgh, Hawkins was able to make eight catches for 87 receiving yards.

As Drew Brees visits Cleveland, the Browns’ secondary will also have to do a much better job than in their game against the Steelers, especially when it comes to CB Justin Gilbert. Sports software service saw that the rookie was assigned as Markus Wheaton’s cover against Pittsburgh. On only six catches, the receiver was able to record 97 receiving yards.

Many IDSca experts believe – after assessing both teams and how they’re performing – that the Saints will be the ones to come out on top when they take on the Browns. What do you think?