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The NFL decided to not fine Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch not fined by the NFLAn NFL official said that Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch fulfilled his requirement to show up at Super Bowl media sessions, and he won’t be given a fine. Many fans and live betting services were concerned about the player having even more problems, but were glad to see that this wasn’t the case.

There are also no grounds for the player to be fined for the Beast Mode hat that he was wearing during his sessions with the media. New Era – a licensee of the NFL – game him the hat, and it had the colors of the team.

Last Tuesday, Lynch showed up at media day, and live betting services saw that every question asked by reporters was answered with variations of “I’m just here so I won’t get fined”, said on 29 occasions, before his smartphone timer went off, signaling the player to leave.

In a session last Wednesday, the player just said, “You know why I’m here,” when answering questions by reporters. Again he left once 5 minutes were over. The RB gave a quick statement on Thursday, but he didn’t answer questions yet again.

Front Row Analytics said that the RB’s Beast Mode brand made over $3 million in exposure for advertisement time from three hats in appearances for the media, as well as a spoof on “Saturday Night Live”.

On Tuesday, Pete Carroll , Seahawks coach, said that there were negotiations regarding the player’s future with the team .

The RB’s deal is running through the season of 2015. When he was asked about the RB’s future, the coach said: “We’ll see.”

“We’ve been in the midst of negotiations for a long time for the future. So we’ll see how that goes,” he said.

This season, Lynch was leading the NFL in TD’s – with 17 scored – and having recorded 1,306 yards, the player ended in fourth place in rushing. In 2015, the RB is set to get $6.5 million, which is the last season of the player’s contract that runs for four years.

In 2015, Lynch will be a hit of $8.5 million in the team’s salary cap, but Seattle could be saving $7 million if the player is released.

Fans everywhere following Lynch are glad that he didn’t get fined again by the league, and wonder what the future has in store for him.

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