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The NBA wants to make sure that Sterling pays up

Donald SterlingPay per head agents can see that Donald Sterling’s non-stop struggle to stop the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers will end up costing the league a lot of money, but local bookies found out that the former owner was just reminded by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver that he would be the one who will ultimately pay the price.

Local bookies learned that a countersuit was recently filed by the NBA against Sterling, and it was reported that the initial agreement made by Sterling to sell the Clippers to Steve Ballmer included a condition covering the NBA from any probable future claims made by him, the Clippers, or Shelly Sterling.

What this basically means is that if something went wrong with the sale, and if anybody had the intention to block selling the team, the NBA would not have to pay legal costs. So in the countersuit, it’s apparent that what the league wants is for Sterling to pay – and to pay well. Local bookies would like to see what will happen, and if he will indeed end up paying all the bills.

And pay per head agents were surprised to learn that the NBA included that condition in the team’s sale. Local bookies can see that it’s pretty clear that Adam Silver expected Sterling to fight back, but it seems that things turned out to be a bit different.

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It was also reported that the NBA already amassed very heavy costs, which pay per head agents are sure will keep on adding up while this mess continues, and local bookies don’t find this the least bit surprising. The league is suing the former owner and the Sterling Family Trust so they can recover all of the money that was dished out.

Pay per head agents know that there’s a very fiery legal battle going on between Sterling and the league, and they wonder what will ultimately happen to him, the NBA, and most importantly the Clippers.

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