The Jaguars’ defense will prove to be vital against the Redskins

Jacksonville JaguarsThe Redskins’ Live betting fans were very hopeful when the team was able to surpass the Houston Texans 372-316 yards, but were ultimately beaten last Sunday 17-6. As they already ended up losing two of their last four games at home, playing at FedEx Field may not make much of a difference.

Many fans thought that Robert Griffin III was alright in his season’s first game. The player was able to record 29-for-37 for 267 yards. At 78.4 percent, RG3 recorded his career’s second-highest completion rate made in a single game – even though the player couldn’t throw a passing TD, but RG3 was given three sacks for a 26-yards loss.

Darrell Young was the only one to score for Washington on a TD run of one yard. On 4 carries, Roy Helu had 46 yards, and on 14 carries, Morris ran for 91 yards.

But in Washington’s season opener, their special teams proved to be truly awful. They couldn’t score an extra point when Houston blocked a kick by Kai Forbath. In the meantime, one of their six attempts to punt ended in a block which was picked up and then returned for a TD.

Many fans thought that Washington’s opening game against Houston was going to be one their schedule’s easier meetings, but instead, they were pushed around constantly. If the Redskins continue to underperform, they could be well on their way to another bad season in the NFL.

On Sunday, the Jaguars did a great job in their opener’s first half when they took on the Eagles. In the first half, the team had a lead of 17-0, but in the second they blew it and suffered a 34-17 loss. Last season, the Jaguars were 2-9 after a defeat.

QB Chad Henne was able to complete for 266 yards 24 out of 43 passes. Jacksonville had an early lead of 14-0 thanks to a couple of TD passes from Henne to WR Allen Hurns.

Even though the team was successful in the game’s first half, there were big problems with Jacksonville’s passing game for the remainder of the meeting. The team went 0-for-9 before the third quarter, when they converted on a third down. A couple of passes by Henne were struck down when the player lost his aim on other tries.

Jacksonville’s running game was nothing special at all. In his debut for the Jaguars, RB Toby Gerhart led the Jaguars in rushing for 42 yards on 18 carries, and only had an average of two yards for each attempt made.

Their defense was able to make an excellent performance when they took on a team that currently has one of the league’s top offensive lines. On five occasions, they sacked Philadelphia QB Nick Foles for a 47-yard loss, and had an additional 11 tackles for loss. The team’s defense also stole possession thanks to two fumble recoveries and an interception.

The Jaguars’ defense will prove to be vital when they take on the Redskins on Sunday, and many Live betting fans are anticipating a very intense showdown.

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