The Jacksonville Jaguars don’t look too promising

Jacksonville JaguarsLocal bookies know that the Jacksonville Jaguars are currently one of the NFL’s teams with young players who don’t have too much experience in the game, and pay per head agents believe that this could seriously set back any efforts by the team to make it far this season.

The Jaguars could have more strength in defense with Chris Clemons and Red Bryant, but local bookies believe that besides those players and Paul Posluszny, their current squad is nothing to brag about. However, price per head services see some promise in the team, as wide receivers Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee were added to their ranks, but pay per head agents are not very sure about the team picking Blake Bortles, as Jacksonville’s management said that in 2014, the player is not going to be the team’s starter. Local bookies can see that this is just one example of how the Jaguars should make improvements in their roster, and pay per head agents believe that the team should maybe take their game a little more seriously, if what they want is to be worthy of taking on bigger teams.

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Pay per head agents can see that Jacksonville have a few players on their roster that they should work on – just like the Cleveland Browns do, but the team’s weaknesses currently outweigh their strengths. Pay per head agents and local bookies believe that it could very well take a few years for the team to be a serious contender, but they also know that many fans out there differ. What local bookies know for sure is that the Jaguars should make plenty of improvements. Will they get anywhere this season? Nobody really knows. What is pretty clear is that their current squad is nothing that the bigger boys of the NFL should worry too much too about, but what will happen once the 2014 season gets underway is still a mystery that local bookies can’t wait to discover.