The Falcons’ Roddy White feels good and is ready to take on the Vikings

Minnesota Vikings-2014Last week, the Falcons did not have the services of WR Roddy White when they defeated the Buccaneers, and even though the player wasn’t really needed in that game, price per head agents were very happy to learn that this week he should return for the team’s game against the Vikings.

On Thursday, the player said that he’s “ready to roll” when he was asked if he has any plans on taking on Minnesota. Many fans can see that White is really hyped up about this game, and can’t wait to see how he’ll perform when he hits the field.

“I feel good,” said the player. “If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be talking to y’all right now. But yeah, I feel good. It was kind of frustrating going out there and watching (vs. Tampa). Every time I watch a football game from the sideline, I’m kind of frustrated not being out there with my teammates, but I’m ready to roll.”

The Falcons’ game against the Bucs proved to only be the fourth meeting missed by White, in a career that spanned 10 years. White was able to play for the Falcons in 143 out of 147 games since he was drafted in 2005 as the 27th overall pick. But the four meetings that the player missed happened since the start of last season, and many fans were both surprised and concerned that he missed all these games in such a short lapse of time, thinking that his injury could have proven to be a very serious one.

However, the player was able to get some time to work on his injured hamstring. Price per head agents are pretty sure that when Atlanta takes on Minnesota on Sunday, White would have rested his injury for two weeks, and many fans believe that he should be in great condition after this necessary time off. The WR was not able to feature for the Falcons since September 14, when the team lost their game against the Bengals 24-10.

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