The Dolphins are eager for a third consecutive win

Miami DolphinsThe Dolphins’ victory last Sunday over the Jaguars marked successive wins for Miami (4-3) this season for the very first time, but sportsbook software fans know that on Sunday, they’re set to take on a much more difficult foe when they face the Chargers (5-3).

Even though the Dolphins’ win was able to camouflage the team’s unreliable offense, a very solid San Diego defense will be waiting for them, and one more uneven performance made by QB Ryan Tannehill and his WR’s might not help them much in this game.

“We have to come out and play with urgency, play with that fire that we play with in the second half (in Jacksonville) and just not make mistakes,” said the QB. “You look at it, it’s not the same guy, it’s not the same group. It might be a bad throw, it might be a missed block, a sack, might be a drop. It’s a collective thing. We’re all in this thing together and it’s going to take all of us playing well to execute.”

San Diego will probably do their best to not lose three games in a row, and even though history shows that they had trouble taking on the Dolphins, they were able to win two of the last three meetings with Miami. They rank fifth place in the NFL with a scoring advantage of 56 points after this season they were able to record 205 points as 149 points were given up.

Considering the problems with Miami’s offense and how this affected players like WR Mike Wallace, it’s key for the team’s defense to not lose their solid performances.

“I think we’ve got a corps of players that can step up and make plays and it starts with the guys up front, followed by the linebackers and the guys in the back end and proving that they can make plays and impact games,” said Kevin Coyle, the team’s defensive coordinator.

“The challenges, they get bigger each and every week and the games become more important as we get here in the middle of the season and beyond. I’m confident that there is nobody that we face that we face that we don’t feel we can go out and if we execute, we’ll have an opportunity to win.”

Sportsbook software fans all over the country are expecting a very intense showdown between the Dolphins and Chargers, can’t wait to see who will ultimately own the game.