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The Dallas Cowboys have what could be the NFL’s worst defense

Dallas CowboysLocal bookies are not very optimistic at all when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. Pay per head agents and many fans who were watching the games last season saw that their defense was something to weep over – it was downright terrible, and what could have been the worst in the league in 2013.

Many of the Cowboy’s Live betting fans were frustrated when they saw that for some reason (be it confusion, laziness, etc..) they decided to not do anything about it during the offseason. Nothing, it seems. The team seems to be stuck just like they were last year. And if they did do something positive with their team, well, there’s a big question mark floating around, leaving pay per head agents asking why they didn’t do much at all to improve their roster.

Ok, so local bookies see that the Cowboys maybe did ONE positive thing when they decided to draft Demarcus Lawrence to help out with DeMarcus Ware’s departure from the team. But price per head services believe that this could only help in the long run – if it does help, because an NFL team obviously does not consist of a single player. Many Live betting fans think that for now he will probably be a rotational player – and pay per head agents believe that this will not be of much help for the team’s cause this season, if they do have a cause.

As is customary, DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant will end up making a few good plays for their offense, but pay per head agents believe that it simply isn’t possible to think that Tony Romo will work well as a quarterback for so many games.

Pay per head agents and local bookies believe that the only way for Dallas to win consistently again is for them to make some very serious changes on their roster, if not, the team will probably end up performing at a mediocre level – and many Live betting believe that mediocre could be a best case scenario.

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