The Cowboys’ rushing attack should take out the Colts

Tony Romo practices for the Cowboys against the ColtsOn Sunday, they Cowboys are set to face the Colts, who are led by Andrew Luck, their very famous QB. Pay per head wagering companies could see that at home, Dallas weren’t playing at their best at all, but many believe that there will be high scores in this matchup, which will benefit the Cowboys. This meeting will be the first one played between Luck and Tony Romo.

Even though the AFC South has one of the divisions that are worst off in the league, Indianapolis are doing a pretty good job on the field. The Colts didn’t have the services of outside LB Robert Mathis throughout the season due to injury, but the offense that Indianapolis was a very effective one, with plenty of versatility. T.Y. Hilton turned into a top WR, and even though WR Reggie Wayne’s form seems to be falling, his season is going well. Besides that, Luck was already able to record 38 TD’s, and when this game gets underway the player should be able to surpass that number.

The Cowboys were recently able to beat the Bears and the Eagles – their rival in the division. Regardless of these victories, star RB DeMarco Murray’s fourth finger suffered a fracture. Even though this is by no means a major injury, the big problem with this setback is that the player already had quite a few injuries during his short career. Many fans and experts are very concerned that something worse could come out of this, and Dallas will not be in a very good position if this were to be the case.

Indianapolis has a healthier side in general, as well as a hyped passing defense – something that Dallas were struggling with for about a month, and the fans could clearly see this. However, the ability that the Cowboys have when it comes to their rushing attack happens to be the best within the NFL, and Indianapolis did not have much protection against the run this year. Only a month passed since RB Jonas Gray ended up running for only yard less than 200. Considering the quality of Dallas’ offensive game, the player who runs the ball should not be an issue – whether it be Randle, Joseph, or Murray. Pay per head wagering companies believe that the Cowboys will be the ones to take out the Colts, and by doing so their chances to make it to the playoffs will increase – something that many fans want to see.