The Cowboys must intensify their game when they face the Titans

Dallas CowboysThe Cowboys’ Live betting fans were shaking their heads in disappointment when they saw that their team had a very bad start to the 2014 season when they were beaten 28-17 by the 49ers.

It was a terrible afternoon for QB Tony Romo, as the player threw three interceptions in the first half as San Francisco had a very big 28-3 lead at halftime. This would be the 11th time that the player threw three or more consecutive interceptions in his 109 starts for the NFL. In those 11 games, Dallas is now 1-10 – beaten 9 times in a row.

Many experts thought that this season, Dallas’ offense would be what would save them, but that didn’t work out as planned. The only glimmer of hope for the team was DeMarco Murray, who on 22 carries was able to rush for 118 yards and a TD.

However, for once, the highly criticized Dallas defense was not the main reason for their loss, as even with their very strong start to the game, San Francisco was able to end it with only 319 total yards and only had two legitimate drives for a TD. This can be seen as a morale boost to Dallas, considering that last year, the team’s defense allowed six times 478 yards or more.

In the second half, Dallas was able to shut out San Francisco in the game’s final two quarters, as the team only allowed 116 yards on 30 plays. That same intensity with their defense will be very necessary when they take on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, who beat the Kansas City Chiefs on opening day, and are now probably very pumped up.

But the team can’t allow big plays, which last season was one of their biggest stumbling blocks. Last year, the Cowboys allowed what was an NFL-leading 71 completions of 20 yards or more, and this time around they did it once again when they took on the 49ers. Even though the 49ers were limited to 319 yards by Dallas, only four plays saw 107 of those recorded.

However, if the Cowboys want to have a chance to win when they take on the Titans, their offense has to seriously increase its game, especially when it comes to Romo. The team’s fans can take some comfort in knowing that Dallas are doing especially well after being defeated. They are now 9-5 in games after being beaten since 2012. Additionally, in the Cowboys’ seven games against their opponents in the AFC South, they are now 5-2.

The time of Ken Whisenhunt finally got underway for Tennessee, and it started of very well. Last Sunday, the Titans thrashed the Chiefs 26-10 in their season’s opening game.

QB Jake Locker was very solid on the field as he was able to complete 22-of-33 passes for 266 yards and two TD’s. Fans were thrilled with his attack, as he ended up connecting with eight different players.

Even though most of the talk involves the performance made by Locker, the Titans’ defense was what really stood out. With a 3-4 scheme planned by defensive coordinator Ray Horton, Tennessee were very effective on the field as they were able to force three interceptions, and two of these were made by Jason McCourty, who’s a very talented cornerback and a player to definitely keep an eye out for.

The team’s defense was also able to record four sacks, as in 12 tries, it only let the Chiefs make one third down conversion, and Live betting fans believe that Tennessee should use that same amount of pressure on Sunday when they host Dallas.

Romo was able to complete 23 out of 37 passes for 281 yards and a TD, but early on he saw that things were not very easy at all against San Francisco, as the player threw three interceptions in the first half. After their impressive performance against the Chiefs where not only did they stop QB Alex Smith, but RB Jamaal Charles as well, Tennessee should have more than enough confidence that they’ll be able to take out Dallas’ defense.