The Colts tipped the NFL on the deflated footballs

Troy Vincent, the chief of the league’s football operations, said that Colts GM Ryan Grigson was the one who helped start the “Deflate-Gate” fiasco when he got in touch with NFL officials regarding underinflated footballs used by the Patriots in the championship game of the AFC. Pay per head services can see that the controversy continues, and are waiting for a resolution.

Sources reported that Vincent made an interview with “60 Minutes Sports”, where he said that the GM notified the NFL about a possible problem involving deflated footballs.

There were many reports regarding how league officials were aware of the issue and if they were tipped off by Indianapolis. The details have not been confirmed by anybody in the team, and Grigson was silent on the topic in the days leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“Everything I’m sure is going to come out in the investigation, guys. Like I said, it’s not appropriate for me to talk about. I can’t do that,” said Grigson on the 23rd of January when he was asked if he or anybody in Indianapolis notified the NFL about the team using footballs that were underinflated. “It’s in the league’s hands. I’m sorry.”

During the interview, Vincent also said that he didn’t read the report made by former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III, saying that the league didn’t correctly examine the case involving Ray Rice.

“The crime had already been committed,” he said. “There was a ton of public speculation at the time what we did, what we didn’t do. We acknowledge we made a mistake.”

He was also feeling remorseful for the way that the NFL took care of the assault case involving Rice and is looking to move forward.

“We didn’t apply the proper discipline,” he said. “I’m not sure how much we can continue to keep talking about that particular.”

Before the Super Bowl took place, the league said that it was still holding an investigation into how underinflated footballs were used by New England when they played the title game of the AFC, but no conclusions were made yet, and a timetable hasn’t been released to resolve accusations involving cheating.

On the 23rd of January, the NFL said that evidence showed that New England footballs were intentionally deflated by the team when they beat the Colts 45-7, giving them the championship of the AFC, as well as a trip to the Super Bowl where they defeated the Seahawks 28-24.

The NFL said that when they are made, their conclusions will be shared quickly, and pay per head services are very eager to see what will ultimately be determined.