The Colts could beat the Titans with the help of Luck

Indianapolis Colts-2014On Sunday, the Titans suffered a huge loss at the hands of the Bengals due to missing concentration and several crucial mistakes. Sports software services saw that Tennessee did not look very consistent at all only hours after news broke out of the death of Rob Birona, former teammate who was involved in a car accident.

The Titans’ game seemed to be affected by the loss of Birona. A very important chance to intercept a pass that was going to Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton was missed by CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, and in the first half, two attempts at a field goal by kicker Ryan Succop were missed. Tennessee also made a safety after they held on a punt right in the end zone. Jake Locker was also not very impressive at all.

However, Tennessee scored on a one-yard run by Shonn Green to end the meeting, but this did not make much of a difference at all.

But next Sunday, the Titans’ offense should have improved considerably when they take on the Colts, as the team won’t be set back by one of the NFL’s top defenses. In consecutive losses to the Broncos and the Eagles, a total of 685 yards were allowed by Indianapolis.

As there seem to be defensive gaps in the Colts’ secondary, Locker should perform a lot his 266 yard, two TD game made by the player against the Chiefs. When the player was successful this season, it was on plays that connected with TE Delanie Walker, who has a 13.8 yards- per-catch average and two scores so far.

After the team’s loss on Sunday, the total now went to the under in Tennessee’s two away games. The Titans are 1-4-1 ATS in the last six games that they played, going back to 2013.

On Sunday, the Colts were able to avoid a 0-3 start when they beat the Jaguars 44-17. The team’s passing game was on show as 31 out of 39 passes for 370 yards were completed by Andrew Luck, as well as four TD’s.

The players who received the four TD passes sent by Luck were RB Ahmad Bradshaw, TE’s Coby Fleener, and Dwayne Allen, to not mention WR Hakeem Nicks. In the meantime, backup T.Y. Hilton and receiver Reggie Wayne were able to show their skills when they combined for a 15.8-yards-per-reception average.

Even though they were successful, Indianapolis was taking on what could be the worst team that the NFL currently has.

Tennessee’s defense could prove to be a very tough job for Indianapolis. This season, the Titans were only able to average 170 passing yards in each game played so far. Luck should have a much more difficult time when he tries to get past the secondary that Tennessee currently has.

Nevertheless, a very tight pass defense from Tennessee may be what opens up the Colts’ running game. Bradshaw did a very good job at moving the ball after the player had a 7.2 yards-per-carry average in his last game. In the meantime, Luck also showed his ability to scramble, as on three attempts, the player was able to rush for 15 yards. All in all, sports software services believe that the team has enough to get the chains moving and score their necessary points.

Tennessee’s challenge should be something that Indianapolis and Luck should look forward to, as the team was already able to beat the Titans in their last five games – both ATS and straight up.

Many experts believe that the Colts will be surprised by Locker with a couple of TD’s early in the game, but Luck should be able to work his magic and ultimately beat the Titans.