The Bucks and Sanders started buyout talks

Larry Sanders latest news - Milwaukee BucksNBA sources reported that the Bucks and Larry Sanders started buyout talks that would see the player who recently received a 10-game suspension become a free agent, leaving many fans and pay per head services thinking about where he could land next.

The player was banned from playing after he breached the league’s program against the use of illegal substances, but he did not return to the Bucks and is not believed to feature again for the team. Sanders, 26-years-old, was registered as being out of the game due to “personal reasons” in each one of Milwaukee’s last three meetings.

The very famous big man was very determined to continue playing for the NBA regardless of his personal problems– something that saw him get suspended twice in less than 12 months.

“Soon you all will know the truth,” said the player last week on a tweet, and many fans wonder what he meant by that.

When Jason Kidd, Milwaukee coach, was asked by reporters about the player’s status with the team, he said: “That will be determined during the break.”

Sanders only played in 50 meetings for the Bucks due to suspensions and injuries to the eye and thumb, since he got a $44 million, four-year extension to the deal that he made with the team in 2013.

Milwaukee, who started at 30-23 with Kidd behind the team, did a good job this season without the services of the player– who makes a very big impact while on the court – having a record of 12-7 in the meetings while relying on the likes of Zaza Pachulia, Ersan Ilyasova, John Henson, and Kenyon Martin, who recently joined the ranks of the Bucks.

Players in the league don’t get suspended for breaking the NBA’s anti-drug rules up until the third offence. Sanders was not allowed to play in the last five meetings of the season of 2013-2014, and throughout his most recent suspension this season, he gave up more than $1 million of a salary which is worth $11 million.

Sanders’ fans wonder what the future has in store for the player, and they’re very hopeful that he’ll be able to put his problems behind him, as they know how much he contributes to the game in general. Pay per head services will closely monitor developments on Sanders, and also wish to see him return to action with no major problems.