The Broncos were heavily hit by injuries in their loss to the Rams

Denver Broncos-2014The Broncos had what proved to be a very dramatic and painful game when they paid a visit to St. Louis. RB Montee Ball, WR Emmanuel Sanders, and TE Julius Thomas were all injured when the team lost to the Rams 22-7, and live betting services can see that now the fans are very worried, and wonder how Denver will fare for the rest of the season.

Thomas was only able to feature in two series for Denver before he had no choice but to pull out of the game due to an injury to the ankle, and the player was not considered to be in good enough condition to return to action. Before the 2013 season, most of the two seasons that Thomas played in the league were with ankle problems, which included surgery.

Early in the game’s third quarter, Rams safety Rodney McLeod hit Sanders as the WR was diving for a pass made by Manning up in the sideline for Denver. For some moments in the game, Sanders stayed down, and later the player ended up being ruled out after he was taken to the team’s locker room so he could be checked for concussion symptoms.

Thomas is now leading the league with 12 catches for TD’s, and Sanders pulled out of the meeting as on five receptions the player already recorded 102 yards and a TD.

Ball, who ended up missing five meetings due to an injury to the groin that he suffered against the Cardinals on October 5, was limping away from the field early during the game’s second quarter after he was trying to catch a pass made by Manning, and the fans were very worried when they saw this. The player was officially put on the questionable list.

The injury suffered by Thomas meant that with RB Ronnie Hillman and TE Virgil Green already out of the game due to injuries, only two RB’s and a TE – who was Jacob Tamme – stayed in Denver’s lineup.

The Broncos’ fans and live betting services saw that the team had very big problems in this meeting, and would like to see how they will fare in future matchups. However, regardless of what happened on the field on Sunday, many fans are confident that Denver will somehow work around these problems and prevail, and hopefully all of the players who were injured will recover as soon as possible, as their team clearly needs them.