The Bears could be the ones to beat the Panthers

Chicago Bears-2014Many Live betting fans were very disappointed to see the Panthers lose to the Ravens, and many others were also upset when the Bears lost to the Packers. Jacksonville and Chicago are currently 2-2, and both teams are clearly not living up to expectations after these losses.

During the past two weeks, the Panthers’ defense – which many fans believe is overhyped – turned out to be a very big disappointment, and the Bears had a mediocre offense with a defense that did not prove to be very good at all. In order for each team to win again, they must make plenty of improvements in different parts of their game.

The Panthers, who last season had a ranking of second place in total defense, are now at 24th place. A main reason for this is that they no longer have the services of DE Greg Hardy, who since Week 2 was put on the team’s exempt list after the player was found guilty of communicating threats as well as assault charges during the summer, something that shocked many fans. Last season, Hardy had 15 sacks, and at 11, Charles Johnson was the team’s next-highest total. Johnson doesn’t have a sack and only has three tackles this season. The Panthers’ defense also has a ranking of 27th place against the run, as over 140 rushing yards were allowed in more than one game.

When it comes to the Bears, well, they have everything necessary to make a very good offense, with the likes of Jay Cutler throwing the ball to Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, and Matt Forte. Many fans remember that from his days as an assistant with the 49ers, Marc Trestman, head coach, is known as being a real expert with the offense. However, the team’s attack was not able to launch on a regular basis. Chicago are 14th in passing yards, and they also have a 20th place in rushing yards per each game. Forte has a 4 yards-per-carry average.

The upcoming contest between the Bears and the Panthers, which is eagerly anticipated by many Live betting fans, is nothing easy to predict, but most experts believe that Chicago will be the ones to come out on top.