Thanksgiving Game: Bears vs. Lions pay per head analysis

Detroit Lions vs Chicago BearsIf they want to have a chance to make it to the playoffs, the Bears must be able to win seven consecutive matchups. The team’s won two games in a row so far, but if they want to advance, pay per head services know that they must beat the Vikings and Buccaneers on home soil.

The Bears will not go to Ford Field to face the Lions in a game where they see that they’re the TD dogs. This season, Chicago were not able to take out a good team, save for the someback that they made against the 49ers on the game’s second half, but this week they’re able to again prove what they’re made of when they face Detroit, who are 7-4.

Chicago are catching Detroit at the perfect moment. The Lions ended up losing to games in a row, and were able to win their last three meetings by a combination of six points before that. Detroit have big problems running the ball, and this yeat, the team’s passing game was not what many fans thought it would be. The team has a great defense, but last week the Patriots could have left it uncovered.

The Bears have no choice but to win a couple of more meetings – this week and the next one when they face Dallas, before anybody can consider going to the playoffs, but beating the Lions would mean that the ugly defeats to the Patriots and Packers would just be exceptions.

Both of these teams will be struggling to work on running the ball, but if the Bears want to think about wining, Matt Forte must be involved. If they aren’t able to establish their game on the ground, then the team’s passing game must have Forte very involved.
It’s pretty clear that Chicago’s passing defense is a porous one, and on Thursday, Matthew Stafford will get the opportunity to have a pretty big showdown.

The key to this matchup would be Calvin Johnson, as he ended up missing a month due to injury and wasn’t himself since going back to action. The player was able to catch nine passes for 117 yards with no total TD’s the last two times that Detroit lost. If Chicago are able to keep the player from turning into Megatron, the team will be able to have a very real chance. However, Johnson and Stafford are relishing at the opportunity to take out their secondary by hooking up on few big plays.

Many fans are confident that Chicago’s game on offense will be a very nice one, as they seem to have improved a lot than last week’s game against the Bucs. Chicago weren’t really that great on the field since their game against the Falcons on October 12.
Seven in the betting line, but many experts and pay per head services believe that Chicago will cover, keeping a close game, but Stafford and Johnson could prove to be too much for the Bears, so the Lions could very well be the ones to come out on top in this game.