Texas A&M’s Kenny Hill gets a two game suspension

On Saturday, Texas A&M said that QB Kenny Hill was given a two game suspension after breaking the rules of the school’s athletic department and the team’s policies. The nature of these violations has not been specified, but pay per head agents know that this wouldn’t be the first time that the player gets in trouble with the Aggies.

Kyle Allen was the one to replace Hill – who this season started in the first eight meetings of Texas A&M – as the starting QB when the Aggies defeated Louisiana-Monroe 21-16 on Saturday.

After the game on Saturday, coach Kevin Sumlin said that on Friday night that he told Hill that he would be suspended.

“It’s always disappointing whenever it’s any player,” said the coach. “What we try to do is hold players to certain standards in this program and if you don’t meet those standards, there are consequences. Unfortunately, this is one of those times.”

Jake Spavital, the team’s offensive coordinator, was very clear when he said that over the past couple of weeks, Allen earned his right to start in the place of Hill in practice, and not due to Hill having been suspended.

“Where we’re at right now, we’re looking for the best guys to put out there and to go out there and compete, and he definitely earned the starting position,” said Spavital.

Many fans saw that so far it was a rollercoaster year for Hill, who was able break the school record held by Johnny Manziel of 511 passing yards when the Aggies beat South Carolina 52-28, in a game that stunned many fans.

Hill was leading the Aggies to a start of 5-0 as throughout that stretch the player was able to throw 17 TD’s with just two interceptions, earning a buzz early during the season for the Heisman Trophy, to not mention his “Kenny Trill” nickname.

However, pay per head agents saw that Hill was struggling in the team’s last three meetings, as per game, the player’s average for passing yards fell to 301.3 from 349. In that time, he was able to throw six TD’s as well as six interceptions, and was given 11 sacks after he was sacked on only four occasions in the player’s first five meetings.

This would end up being the second time this year that the player gets a suspension. In March, Hill ended up being suspended in spring football after his arrest for public intoxication.