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As a company that provides websites and software depends on a well-designed network infrastructure and a stellar technical team. Certified Microsoft and Dell technicians, network specialists, software developers and web designers ensure that our servers, databases, communications, office computers and of course, 1000’s of websites are kept running in tip-top shape. processes large volumes of data and for this reason we have a rock star Disaster Recovery Strategy in place that mirrors all data to an internal back-up as well as to an external location, including data from databases and communications via chat or by telephone, providing complete transparency for our clients and their customers. This real-time data replication ensures that in the event of a dispute, all previous records will be available


[tw-column width=”one-half” position=”last”] is also unique in maintaining an emergency back-up office, ready to be used in the event of a natural disaster. If our current state-of-the-art data center was compromised in any way, all operations would be switched over to the secondary office, and within 30 minutes the company would be back up and running, with zero data loss.

As the pioneer of the pay per head sportsbook model, we have a desire to be the best, provide the most, and in the end, help our clients make more money. Contact us today to learn more.