real-time technology

Real Time Technology: Enhancing the Delivery of Services in the Gambling Industry

The gambling industry has projected that in 2024, the iGaming market is set to achieve a global value of approximately $94 billion. Aside from the fact that this is simply an attestation that the industry can go the distance, it also demonstrates a continuity of market focus to deliver vivid opportunities to potential players all…

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online bookie software

Use the Ultimate Online Bookie Software

Online bookie software has taken the betting world by storm, but none are as professional, useful, or chock-full of features as IDSCA’s pay per head bookie software. Helping bookies and players everywhere to improve how they place and manage bets, IDSCA’s software is easy to use, affordable, and customizable.  The traditional methods of taking and…

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sportsbook software betting strategies

Sportsbook Software Betting Strategies That Works

In sports betting, it is likely that more pundits lose than win. It’s because the bookie, is most of the time knowledgeable with strategies to win in every game. So, to understand the bookie, the bettors should also know a few sportsbook software betting strategies. It is understood that making money in sports betting is tough,…

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online bookie pph

Online Bookie pph Software Accommodates More Internet Gamblers

The online gambling market dramatically grew with the onset of modern technology. Most of the increase in the number of online punters come from the mobile device users. The portable connections used in the online betting market are smartphones, laptops, tablets and any mobile apparatus that can connect with an online gambling platform. The influx…

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