quality bookie software

Choosing a Quality Bookie Software

Wagering is traditionally placed in person on a bookmaker at your local casino resort, however as the days pass and technology is constantly developing, you can now place your wagers online. Gambling through the clouds are essentially virtual casinos that accept real money to wager on major sports leagues. If you are a veteran pay…

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State of the Art Sportsbook Software

State of the Art Online Bookie Software

Operating a bookmaking business can be a worrisome venture, especially if you do not have the mechanism to carry it out proficiently and competently. Think of yourself as a soldier who will go to war without the right arsenal. Without the right approach and state of the art sportsbook software, it is possible that you…

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premier online bookie software

10 Incredible Benefits of Using the Premier Online Bookie Software

You can ditch your phone, pen, or notebook and forget taking bets manually. The integration of technology and sports betting has opened windows of opportunities for traditional and modern bookmakers. The use of premier online bookie software will make any bookmaker operate efficiently like a one-man team.  Bookies of all sorts, young and old, male…

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Online Bookie Software

Leading Online Bookie Software

Gone are the days when bookmakers do their bookmaking business the “old fashioned” way. No more pens, books, or spreadsheets are required to record every single data regarding bets or customer profiles. Likewise, bookies no longer have to experience the painstaking monitoring of every player’s betting actions and answering phone-in bets. These conveniences are all…

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Best Bookie Software

The Finest Online Bookie Software Makes All the Difference

It’s paramount to come up with the finest online bookie software for your online bookie business. Even so, it doesn’t usually mean that it’s the right one for your sportsbook. That’s because, as a pph bookie you have to look for the perfect balance between your customers and what the sportsbook requires. It could be…

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Pay Per Head Services Features

Pay Per Head Services Features

If you are planning to become a bookmaker, do not be confused which sportsbook to choose. You have to be aware of the pay per head services features that you need to make your business become successful. Most of them provide the same fundamental services. The distinctness in their services is usually due to hours…

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Online Bookie software pph

Online Bookie Software PPH For Starters

If you are into the world of sports betting or gambling, you must have stumbled upon the word “Online Bookie software PPH” where the acronym PPH is short for ‘Pay per Head‘ or ‘Price per head’. When you run that word in search engines, you will most likely see bookie software, pay per head services,…

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online bookie software

Use the Ultimate Online Bookie Software

Online bookie software has taken the betting world by storm, but none are as professional, useful, or chock-full of features as IDSCA’s pay per head bookie software. Helping bookies and players everywhere to improve how they place and manage bets, IDSCA’s software is easy to use, affordable, and customizable.  The traditional methods of taking and…

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pay per head sportsbook

Affordable Per Head Sportsbook Opens New Opp for Bookies

International Data Solutions (IDSCA) offers an affordable per head sportsbook services that help you get the most out of your investment.   As an online bookmaker, we understand that you have needs for your business. With our services, we can provide you with everything that you require so your bookmaking business will prosper and thrive.  No…

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Online Sportsbooks

The Effect of Kevin Durant to Online Sportsbooks

Online Sportsbooks were all set from the start of the NBA Season pitting offers for the Golden State Warriors to retain the Championship title in the 2018-2019 NBA League. Sports Betting Companies will be rebalancing their offered odds that is dependent on the the outcome of the games which could cost them money, if by…

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