Bookie Online Services

Bookie Online Services Make a Difference

Using the best bookie online services can really make a difference to your online bookie business operation. IDSCA is one of the sought-after pay per head companies that provides the best bookie online services for both bookmakers and players.  Bookie Online Services with User-Friendly Tools As a bookmaker, you need to find a pph service…

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Sharp Players in Your Sportsbook

Be Cautious of Sharp Players in Your Sportsbook

There are various players swarming in your sportsbook especially in a pay per head betting business.There are amateur players who keep losing by playing the wrong way, there are recreational players who only bet on NFL football, there are players who just come once a week to place a parlay or teaser, and lastly, there…

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ideal Pay Per Head Service

The Rise of the Ideal Pay Per Head Service

Traditional bookmaking days are over which is made possible with the advancement in technology. Bookmakers can now breathe with relief and continue with their business using the ideal pay per head service like IDSCA. The invention of the Internet and the web have made a lot of changes that mushroomed the number of PPH service…

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