Online Pay Per Head Betting Business

Starting Your Online Pay Per Head Betting Business as a Bookmaker

Running a bookie business requires you to spend a lot of time and dedication as an efficient bookmaker. Before you start your very own sportsbook, you need to know the risks you will be taking. You need to be financially ready, which means you should have sufficient funds that are enough to cover your resources,…

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Bookmaking Solution

IDSCA: The Only Bookmaking Solution You’ll Ever Need

In the olden days of sports betting, a bookmaker needs a pen, paper or a notepad. These are his important tools for recording all the bets. This is also where he will base his payouts after the end of the sports events. Those were the days and thankfully enough, the latest technology makes the lives…

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The Best Pay Per Head Software

Staying Competitive with The Best Pay Per Head Software on Your Sportsbook

In the world of business, rivalry among companies is always present and that is normal. You will encounter several sellers that target a similar audience, offering them the same services and products as you are.  The main goal of business competition is to achieve market share growth and profit by means of maximizing sales volume….

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Progressive Betting Business

Progressive Betting Business Built on Solid Foundation

It takes a lot of time and effort for a betting business to prosper and develop in the gambling industry. Profound knowledge and experience are the key elements that can build a  progressive betting business on solid foundation. The business can establish an efficient wagering entity that can give bookmakers and players’ smooth and pleasant…

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Sharp Players in Your Sportsbook

Be Cautious of Sharp Players in Your Sportsbook

There are various players swarming in your sportsbook especially in a pay per head betting business.There are amateur players who keep losing by playing the wrong way, there are recreational players who only bet on NFL football, there are players who just come once a week to place a parlay or teaser, and lastly, there…

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Best Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Delivering Efficient Services with the Best Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Bookie websites are sprouting over the Clouds and it is up to odds masters to filter the best pay per head software provider that will suit their needs. Private bookmakers will have to formulate that selection process to be with the right one and make the difference by delivering efficient services with a pay per…

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