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Steve Kerr “everything went perfect for title run”

Steve Kerr - Golden State Warriors ChampionsTo everyone’s surprise, especially Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors, everything pretty much went the way it was supposed to. It usually never happens; teams go through significant injuries, rifts and any other sort of thing that can disrupt a team from the quest of winning a title.

Pay per head sportsbook had the Warriors in the second position to win the title behind the Cavaliers. We all saw how that turned out. PPH Bookie Service still has them second to win next year behind the same Cavaliers. It does seem the people and especially Las Vegas still doesn’t believe.

It came so quickly for the first year coach that former teammate a first ballot Hall of Famer Tim Duncan sent a text to Kerr that read, “It’s that easy, huh?”
“It’s ironic, but the unexpected thing was that everything went exactly as we hoped,” Kerr said Thursday at the Warriors’ practice facility. “That never happens.”

At the beginning of the season in October for dinner Kerr remembers when the coaching staff unveiled a video to the team. “Marv Albert narrated the video. It was kind of a combination of humor and inspiration. The theme was ‘strength in numbers,'” Kerr said.

The “Strength in Numbers” phrase was the slogan for the Warriors; adorning T-shirts the team gave fans during the playoffs. What exactly does the phrase meant, Kerr said, “We’re going to be a deep team. We’re going to sacrifice. Guys are going to play some nights. They’re not going to play other nights. Can we do that? That’s what it takes to be a championship team.”

Kerr was a firm believer in that formula but still couldn’t believe that it still worked. “It all sounds great. You put that together, for that to actually come true in the most profound way? With Andre Iguodala winning the MVP after being the first guy to sacrifice his job,” Kerr said, referencing Iguodala’s shift to a reserve role and then, eventually, to becoming the first Finals MVP to garner the award as a sixth man.

“All this stuff that you kind of hope can actually unfold and happen and use as a strength instead of a dividing force, it actually happened,” Kerr explained. “That was, as I said, ironically, sort of the most unexpected thing — that things would unfold perfectly.”

Now all Kerr wants to do is, “I just want to sit on my couch and watch the U.S. Open and drink beer.” Congrats coach Kerr and the Golden State Warriors.

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