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Sportsbook Software: Anthony Mason’s condition is improving

Anthony Mason is in a hospital in New York after he underwent several heart operationsAnthony Mason is in a hospital in New York after he underwent several heart operations, but one of the retired NBA player’s sons said that he’s improving, which gives plenty of optimism to the former player’s fans and sportsbook software services.

Two weeks ago, Mason had congestive heart failure – a condition where the heart doesn’t pump as well as it’s supposed to. On Monday, Antoine Mason, one the former player’s sons, said that he’s “getting better”.

“I actually spoke to him today. He can’t talk yet, but he can hear things and respond by blinking and shaking his head and things like that. When I talked to him, my mom and him, they’re telling me he’s getting better,” said Antoine Mason, senior Auburn guard.

Earlier this month, Anthony Jr., his other son who was playing last season for Sioux Falls Sky Force in the D-League, released a statement saying that his father was in a stable condition. On Saturday, he also released a tweet.

“My Family appreciates all of your prayers for my father, God is definitely listening (and) my Father is too, the fight is not over, it’s a delicate (and) slow process but there is progress,” tweeted Anthony Jr.

The people close to the former player were very worried that he was going to pass away after a major heart attack, so his state right now might mean that he’s making good progress.

“As long as he gets out of there healthy, which I can’t wait for, I’ll be happy,” said Antoine Mason.

The former forward, who’s 6-foot-7, played in the league for 13 seasons, and was a huge favorite with the fans in the five years that he played with the Knicks.

The 48-year-old played with John Starks, Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, and others, helping New York make it to the 1994 NBA Finals, something that sportsbook software services remember very well. They also saw that in 1994-1995, he was also able to win the Sixth Man Award of the NBA.

“He’s battling right now,” said Starks. “Every day is just a fight for him. We continue to pray for him. It’s just tough right now. … He’s fighting right now for his life, and I believe he’s going to pull through.”

Mason’s fans know how delicate his condition is, but are very optimistic that he’ll overcome this setback. The NBA world is also looking forward to his full recovery, and hope to see him return to full health as soon as possible.

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