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Robin Williams was the Denver Broncos’ best male cheerleader

Robin WilliamsLocal bookies might be surprised to learn that some great footage of Robin Williams happened to take place on a football field, where he was dressed as a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos. Not all pay head agents have seen that footage, but those who did believe that the actor’s performance was brilliant.

Pay per head agents learned that Robin’s performance took place in an episode of “Mork and Mindy”, where Mork motivates the cheerleaders, who were known back then as the “Pony Express,” with a speech given before a game, and then many local bookies who saw the episode remember that he joined the lovely ladies when they took to the field.

Pam Huddleston, who back in 1979 coached the PE ladies when the episode was filmed, said that the best part of this was when they all went to Hollywood to film scenes in the locker room, and pay per head agents can imagine how much fun they must have had.

Pam said that after filming, the actor decided to invite the whole squad to join him at a comedy club – and local bookies found out that it was not to watch him get on stage, but just to spend some time there. She said that they continued when they went to a jazz session at another club, where Robin ended up playing the harmonica onstage, and pay per head agents believe that it must have been quite a show considering the actor’s amazing talent.

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The footage was filmed during a real game with the Broncos. Pam said that Robin’s cheerleader outfit was custom made for him, and pay per head agents saw that he did a pretty good job sporting it.

Local bookies and pay her agents alike are very saddened by Robin’s passing, and know that me made the world a much better place by lighting up lives of people all over the world with his humor and talent, and they know that his memory will never fade away.

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