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Rice’s ban from the NFL could end within 4 weeks

Ray Rice-RavensThe return of Ray Rice to the NFL could take place earlier than was initially thought, and local bookies know that many fans out there would not mind seeing the former QB for the Ravens back in action.

Early in September, Rice was released by Baltimore after a video surfaced of the player hitting his ex-fiancée within the elevator of a casino, and after that very ugly incident, he got an initial suspension of two weeks by the NFL. Eventually, the QB was given an indefinite ban from the sport.

But sources reported that soon that suspension could be taken away, saying that depending on the way that the player’s appeal process works out, he could be back in the league sometime within four weeks.

Rice and his legal team want to see Barbara S. Jones – U.S. District Court Judge – to hear his appeal sometime soon, and the player does not want to wait until the end of the investigation made by Robert Mueller into the way that the league is handling the case to clarify the status that he has with the NFL.

By then, the player’s representatives are expected to argue that Rice was telling the truth in the first meeting that he had with Commissioner Roger Goodell, and that the NFL had ready access to the footage that influenced the player’s indefinite ban from the sport, so a longer suspension should not have taken place after the video’s public release.

If the player is able to convince the judge that his suspension was an unfair or excessive one, sources familiar with the case believe that the judge could then rule Rice’s suspension as an invalid one, which means that the player would have served time under the stricter and new policy involving domestic violence.

Many local bookies believe that in a situation like this one, the player could be back in the game by Week 10. Now, it is still not known if a team would want to sign Rice after all this mess.

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