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RB LeSean McCoy is set to join the Bills

LeSean McCoy, Bills Agree to New ContractRB LeSean McCoy’s agent said that the player and the Bills agreed to a deal of $40m which is set to run for five years, and a guaranteed $26.5 million is included in the contract. White label sportsbooks now see a much stronger team for next season, as the player is seen as a force to reckon with on the field.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus said that the Pro Bowler’s contract, which is set to get underway once the player has officially been traded by Philadelphia to Buffalo, will see him get $16 million for his first year, and fans of the Bills can’t wait to see him join the team.

According to a source, the RB was set to take a physical with Buffalo, and the Bills’ fans hope that all went well with this.

A link to a video on Instagram was tweeted by McCoy, which showed the player getting on a plane, saying: “on my way to see my Buffalo family.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer was the first to release the news of the player’s new contract – set to run for five years – which will have two more years added to the deal that he already has.

And sources reported that last week, Buffalo got McCoy’s services from Philadelphia for LB Kiko Alonso in what proved to be a very important trade – one which many experts believe could have a very big impact on how next season will play out. The player’s contract won’t be formally finished or announced until Tuesday, but many fans are confident that it’s a done deal.

A short time before both teams made the agreement on the trade, a source reported that a native from Pennsylvania who was playing at Pittsburgh in college was not very happy at all with the contract, and many fans wonder who this person may be.

The RB was able to record 6,792 rushing yards – the third highest in the league – as well as 44 rushing touchdowns, which is the fourth-best in the league, since Philadelphia decided to draft the player in 2009 during that year’s second round. White label sportsbooks remember very well when last season, he finished in third place in the NFL, having recorded 1,319 rushing yards, and impressing fans all over the country with his skills in the game.

Many NFL fans are looking forward to seeing McCoy’s deal announced, as they’re confident that the player will prove to be a key part of the team, just like he is to the NFL.

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