Ravens get ready to face the Patriots and renew their rivalry

Baltimore Ravens PlayoffsThe Ravens’ fans and price per head bookmaking services saw that on Saturday night, their team did a great job on the field, and now they’re getting ready for a crucial meeting with the Patriots.

Baltimore were able to beat Pittsburgh 30-17 in the round of the AFC Wild Card, and next weekend they’ll face New England in the divisional round, in a game that is eagerly anticipated by fans everywhere.

The meeting is a familiar one for both teams, and the Ravens are well aware of what they’ll be up against when they visit the Patriots. The fans also know that is not easy matchup. Since 2010, both of these teams clashed in the NFL playoffs on four occasions.

“Everybody knows the history,” said Ravens LB Terrell Suggs after the game on Saturday, as reported by the Boston Herald. “We’re going to play a football game, and it’s the Ravens versus the Patriots. Everybody knows the storylines with this.”

This almost sounds like a compliment, coming from Snuggs, as the player spoke about hating the Patriots and Brady, and he also said that the team was “arrogant.” However, many fans saw that the message sent earlier from the Ravens’ locker room seemed to be respectful.

“I may go study tonight,” said LB Elvis Dumervil, as reported by the The Baltimore Sun.”We got to enjoy the win and get ready for a good New England team.” One of the biggest areas of focus for the Ravens will have to be slowing the New England offense, something they have been able to do in the past. That starts with finding a way to contain Brady.

“It’s always tough,” the LB added. “He’s done it before, time after time. It’s not going to be easy going into their house.”

And price per head bookmaking services know that this is will add importance to the clash.

“We have to prepare like champions,” said CB Ladarius Webb. “Tom Brady is a master at what he does, so we have to be on point in the back end.”

Ravens and Patriots fans know very well just how important this meeting will prove to be, and can’t wait to see what will happen on the field when both of these teams lock horns. It’s no secret that the Ravens must be at their best when they clash with the Patriots, and a very intense meeting is expected.