Our Racebook offers nearly 200 tracks and counting from around the world, not only North America. Get races from Hong Kong, Ireland, England, France, Australia, South Africa, UAE, and any major international race from any country not already listed.

All horse ticket post times are down to the second, not the minute. All wagers made the second after the official post time will be cancelled. Many major tracks also have advance wagering so players can make their selections the day before.

Betting Options allow the player to keep their favorite tracks on top, and to set a default wager amount, which can be changed quickly if needed. Below favorites are the lists of all Thoroughbred and Harness tracks available, showing minutes to post of the next race.

Active Bets opens a separate window for all pending horse wagers, while Final Bets shows all wagers made today, this week, this month, or this year, or for a custom period. These reports can also be printed easily for record keeping purposes.

Race Results show every track’s results and payouts by date chosen. Races are graded immediately and all balances are updated instantly.

Upcoming Races display the next few races that are about to go off, by track, race # and time to post. Featured Races displays any special National or International event of note.