QB Rivers expected to play on Sunday against the Chiefs

Chargers QB Philip RiversEven though his back has a bulging disk, Chargers QB Philip Rivers is expected to feature in San Diego’s last game of the regular season when they face the Chiefs in a road game, coach Mike McCoy said on Monday. Price per head bookmaking companies see that there are many concerned fans, and are not sure if he should really be playing with this kind of injury.

“Everyone has had some form of injury that they deal with at some point of time during the year,” said the coach. “Philip will play on Sunday.”

Sources reported that the QB’s lower back has a bulging disk, and he is playing despite having this. Now, the problem is that doctors are worried that he could suffer a hernia, and many fans are also very concerned about this, wondering if he should really be playing with this problem.

Last week, the QB did not hold practice on Tuesday or on Wednesday so he could put the injury to rest. After the team beat the 49ers on Saturday, the player said that he was feeling better than he did the week before. It was also reported that Rivers had the back problem for the last three weeks. Earlier during the season, he was also playing through an injury to the rib.

On Saturday, the player was able to finish 33 out of 54 for 356 yards in the team’s 38-35 win on overtime that was able to help San Diego’s hopes to make it to the playoffs. The player got three interceptions, but was able to throw four passes for TD’s, converting on fourth-and-8 as well as on fourth-and-10 in the game’s fourth quarter, when the Chargers made their last drive as they were rallying after being behind at halftime by 21 points.

For San Diego, winning on Sunday would mean that the team would make it to the playoffs for a second time in a row.

LB Manti Te’o said that that the team could see that Rivers was injured, and pay per head bookmaking services know that this is an even bigger reason for the fans to worry.

“For him to be as sharp — not only physically, but mentally — and to be able to command our offense and take control of our team is truly remarkable,” said Te’o. “He’s one of the best to play this game. And I’ve said it many times, we’re very fortunate to have him on our team.”