QB Cutler said that WR Marshall was not the only one yelling in the Bears’ locker room

Brandon Marshall-BearsQB Jay Cutler said that last week, WR Brandon Marshall was not the only player in the Bears’ locker room who was yelling, and sports software services could see how problematic this issue proved to be.

Cutler didn’t mention any name, but it was pretty clear that it was DE Lamarr Houston who he was talking about.

Sources reported that Houston, who was with the team for seven months, yelled at his teammates as much as Marshall did after the Bears’ loss to the Dolphins last Sunday. According to the sources, the nature of the player’s outburst was due to the fact that he did not leave the Raiders for the Bears only to keep on losing.

Sports software services saw that in the four seasons that Houston spent with Oakland, the Raiders were 24-40 combined. Once the player made it to free-agency, he was very clear that he did not have a lot of interest at all in playing with the Raiders again, and that the price didn’t matter. One of the biggest reasons was how unsuccessful the team was since 12 years ago, when they lost a Super Bowl. That was the last time that Oakland made it to a postseason, to the disappointment of many fans.

When free agency started – on the first day actually- the player agreed on a $35 million, five-year deal with Chicago. Later, DE Jared Allen – another free agent – would join the player. The Bears had plenty of hope for both of them, even though Houston still wasn’t able to make a sack despite a lot of pressure from opposing QB’s. On the other hand, Allen recorded 1.5 sacks, which obviously gives him an edge.

Last weekend, Houston was apparently feeling very frustrated for not being able to get to a QB and not clinching as many wins as he was looking forward to. And Marshall was also not very happy at all about this, which is completely understandable. Chicago’s coaches and players toned down all of the yelling that took place in the locker room after the game, saying that no problems happened, and many fans seriously hope that there will be no tension between the team’s players in the future, as there is no way that this can help the team in any way.

Many fans know that in the NFL it’s very important to pay attention to mistakes and correct them, but tension that rises to the point of yelling is not necessarily the best way to solve a problem.