Prospect Watch: D’Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell will be a top 5 pick. There is no doubt in my mind and I think in the minds of the General Managers who will be selecting in those spots at the NBA Draft. He’s a sweet shooting 6’5 combo guard. I’ve seen clips of the kid and he looks poised with the pill and can play off it with ease. The kid is a lefty, you see I have thing about lefties for some reason if your good defender you have your tricks. Lefties do everything the opposite of what you’ve learn to do as a defender and it just throws your whole defensive scheme out of whack.

D’Angelo Russell plays as mostly a facilitator, but when Ohio State coach Thad Matta decide to put D’Angelo off the ball and he doesn’t disappoint. D’Angelo hit treys and uses the back door move for easy layups. That undoubtedly put Russell in position to have a great career because he is placed at different positions on the court.

Phil Jackson went to see the kid in person. He got duped into answering a question about Russell’s potential, which ultimately landed him a fine with the N.B.A. He’s a kind of what Jackson likes calling those types of players hybrid guards. He’s got a couple on his roster already in Alexey Shved and the newly signed Ricky Ledo. I mean there not point guard but there not shooting guards like I said they are hybrids.

D’Angelo has a chance to be a top tier hybrid in the mold of James Harden. Harden is another lefty by the way and you see how he goes about his business of tearing up the league. The other day I saw Harden drop the most easy looking 50 point game known to man. Sportsbook software services had fits booking that game as Harden looked like a one man wrecking crew.

D’Angelo Russell even though a 19 year old freshmen, might be the most polished offensive player in the draft behind Duke’s Jahlil Okafor. He’ll have the ball in his hands a will be ready to make his NBA mark next year. He can also come back to Ohio State if he covets the number 1 pick.

Sportsbook software services will look to see where Russell lands and maybe he can make a dent in the assessments they have of the lottery teams for next year.