Pro Bowl will be coached by Cowboys and Ravens staff

2015 NFL Pro BowlThe NFL, who’s is in a very difficult position due to moves involving coaches, decided to turn to the coaching staff of the Ravens as the replacements for the Pro Bowl taking place on the 25th of January in Glendale, Arizona. Sportsbook software services saw high drama with the league coaches, and hope that everything works out for this game.

On Tuesday, Baltimore coach John Harbaugh said that at the Pro Bowl his staff is ready to take over the AFC when the Pro Bowl gets underway. The Cowboys will be the ones to represent the NFC in this contest.

“I polled our coaches to see how they felt about it, and they all were excited about coaching a Pro Bowl,” said Harbaugh. “We’ll look forward to doing that.”

Harbaugh said that a competitive game is expected, and fans all over the country certainly hope so.

“We’re going to implore [our team] to play a little harder than the other guy,” said Harbaugh. “I’m going to have a good halftime speech ready. We’ll motivate them. You know there is a difference between the winning share and the losing share, right? That’s a big motivator for anybody.”

Coaches playing in teams for the NFL with the top seeds that ended up losing in the divisional playoff meetings of the NFC and AFC are set to coach in the Pro Bowl. But those teams, who are the Cowboys and Broncos, did put some drama into the equation, and not many fans were very happy about this at all.

On Monday, Denver left John Fox, the team’s head coach, and their assistants are currently trying to find a job. In the meantime, Dallas decided to turn their attention to getting again the services of Jason Garrett, their head coach, and his assistants have not made a contract.

And sources reported that the league is now trying to figure out a way for them to address the problem, and something that might work would to be to send the Panthers’ coaching staff. Carolina lost alongside Baltimore in the divisional playoff round.

NFL fans hope that the league does everything they can to have a proper Pro Bowl, as even though it’s not the Super Bowl, it’s still a game that many of them highly anticipate, and hopefully things will properly work out for this upcoming clash, but they were certainly relieved to learn that the Cowboys will coach the NFC.